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WaterRower WaterGrinder in Ash

The WaterRower WaterGrinder is available to UK customers in the following replenishable Woods:

  • WaterGrinder in Ash,
  • WaterGrinder in Walnut
  • WaterGrinder in Cherry

What is The WaterRower WaterGrinder?

In the sport of sailing it is the “grinder’s” job to convert the wind energy into a form of propulsion through rapidly hoisting the sails. Grinders are regarded as high performance athletes in their own right, and the work that they do on board is a high intensity exercise using all three main components of muscle work including endurance, strength and stability.

Key Features 

  • 3 Different Seat Positions 
  • 2 powder-coated steel arms
  • Adjustable Height Hand Pedals 
  • G1 performance monitor
  • Wheelchair Friendly 

Unique Movement Combined With WaterRower Quality

This unique movement has now been replicated in  the Nohrd's WaterGrinder series which includes the water resistance system made famous by the world renowned WaterRower range of rowing machines. The WaterRower drum is a time proven and dynamic adaptive resistance system which requires no manual adjustments: The more work rate that you apply the higher the resistance.

The WaterGrinder will match not just your WaterRower in material used, but craftsmanship, design and unsurpassable functionality and genius.

This WaterGrinder is made from Ash but stained to match the rosewood and black stains of the Club (Sport) WaterRower and also to match the rest of the NoHrd products including Swing bells, Slimbeam and Wall bars.

WaterGrinder Operation

With regards to operation of the WaterGrinder, as the drum is only effective when roatated in one direction the user can operate the WaterGrinder from one side either standing or seated to rotate the handles in a forwards motion and by switching the seat and monitor to the opposite side the handles will need to be rotated backwards thereby providing both forwards and backwards operation.

WaterGrinder Seat

The WaterGrinder seat can be hooked in on both sides in 3 different positions each. The WaterGrinder is set on 2 powder-coated steel arms, curved in such a way that even wheelchair users can train at the machine.

Hand pedals

The hand pedals of the WaterGrinder can be set in various height positions which allows you to further adjust the resistance. The smaller the rotation the higher the intensity.


The WaterGrinder paddle is shaped ergonomically and pushes the water extremely efficiently, thanks to its concave surface. Water resistance can be self-determined ie. within each movement, resistance adapts to strength input.


The WaterGrinder G1 performance monitor can be swung to each side while a balance sensor recognises its position. This allows for training on each side of the machine. The buttons function on a touch-screen principle. The WaterGrinder G1 performance monitor provides you with an extensive range of training possibilities:

Time / Distance-Training

Determine the time or distance you want to master and concentrate solely on reaching your goal.

Versatility Drill-Training

Choose this program for varying and unpredictable training stimuli. Determine your workout-focus which will then be completed by constant variation.

Racing Drill-Training

Select the racing drill function and go up against either a virtual or real opponent, hoisting sails (you set how many) as fast as possible. This is about winning or losing; again, another training-focus: high intensity guaranteed!

Depending on the program you will receive the following parameters: rotational speed, pulse rate, time, distance, performance in watt, ie calories/hour.

The Water Tank

The WaterGrinder resistance is generated in the water tank. No presetting is necessary to create the unique resistance. The slower you turn the handle the lower the resistance, as you speed up the cranking speed the resistance increases proportionately.

Product Specifications

Weight : 50kg (Without water)

Dimensions : L 110cm x W 80cm x H 120cm

Monitor Included

SKU 14100
Condition New
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