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SKS Strength Power Bands

Product Information 

  • Power bands are used with barbells, functional trainers, power racks, Force USA All-In-One Trainers and on their own to create a unique resistance workout experience. 
  • Simulate various strength movements, use for minor muscle strengthening (rotator cuff) or for making a weight stack or barbell heavier.
  • Low impact, momentum free and safe.
  • Available in 4 different sizes in the UK ( 13mm, 29mm, 45mm, 64mm) catering for different strengths
  • Increase in  the power band width determines resistance, the wider the band the more resistance offered 
  • Power bands are manufactured from Seamless latex rubber
  • Exceptionally durable  and long lasting
  • Perfect to use with all Force USA power racks functional trainers and monster G Series.  They can be used with Olympic, Hex and EZ Bars
  •  power bands can be used on their own or attached two power racks and free weights. 

Power Bands are great for:

  • Increase weight stacks on Force USA All-In-One Trainers 
  • Functional and speed Training with a barbell
  • Agility Drill  training
  • Jump Resistance
  • Variable angle training to simulate a functional trainer cable movement ideal for internal and external rotation or as an alternative to standing cable exercises
  • Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation
  • Sports Specific Drills for sports like MMA.

Power Bands Resistance:

  • See below resistances are estimated per band and may vary somewhat during the range of the extension of the band due to its elasticity 
  • 13mm = 5-35lbs (2-16kg)
  • 29mm = 23-75lbs (11-36kg)
  • 44mm = 50-120lbs (23-54kg)
  • 64mm = 60-150lbs (27-68kg)

Do not overstretch or overload, otherwise damage and/or injury may result.

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