Shipping & Delivery

At Gym and Fitness Equipment Suppliers Limited (hereinafter referred to as Gym & Fitness), we offer a range of convenient delivery options. Contact us by phone on 020 3965 7711 or email on, if you have any questions.

We deliver to the UK, Highlands, Islands, Ireland and most of mainland Europe. UK mainland shipping is free, all other areas carry a variable charge depending on where the equipment is to be delivered and the weight of the order.

EU Countries

Since BREXIT there have been a number of changes to the way in which we deliver to Europe. There are a number of  new processes and paperwork requirements at the various EU borders. Delivery time is between 10 to 28 working days. We are working tirelessly with logistics companies and experts to reduce this time period.

Large and Heavy

As you would expect from a high quality piece of heavy duty strength gym equipment, the boxes can be large and heavy. This surprises some people. Please don’t be surprised, you are getting the real Force USA equipment. Please note the following:

Some packages you may be able lift on your own:

  • G1 All-In-One Trainer: Total weight just under 100 kgs, split over 2 boxes
  • G3 All-In-One Trainer: Total weight just over 150 kgs, split over 4 boxes

Some boxes you almost certainly won’t be able lift on your own:

  • G6 All-In-One Trainer: Total weight of just under 500 kgs split between 2 crates
  • G9 All-In-One Trainer: Total weight of 250 kgs in 1 crate
  • G12 All-In-One Trainer: Total weight of 450 kgs split over 2 crates
  • G20 All-In-One Trainer: Total Weight of around 920kgs split over 5 creates

When it comes to the G6, G9, G12 & G20, you can’t lift these on your own. In non-UK regions this will be a kerbside delivery.

Gym equipment is regarded as a "Heavy and Large" delivery item and requires specialised couriers. To ensure your safety and convenience, this always involves a longer delivery time than you might expect for consumer items such as books and clothes.

The UK mainland delivery time period is between 5 to 14 working days. Anything outside of the UK mainland will take longer. European deliveries of large items such as the Force USA All-In-One Trainers (F50, F100, G1, G3, G6, G9, G12, G20), Functional Trainers and orders over 100 kgs take between 7 and 28 days from date of order to be delivered.

We use third party couriers and we cannot be held responsible for delays incurred by the couriers.

How Long Does it Take? In Covid-19 / 2021 Periods please add 7 to 10 days to the below.

  • Small Products : 3 - 5 working days from the date of the payment clearing our bank account for the UK mainland. Normally a parcel delivery courier service. Small deliveries include G1, weights benches and accessories.
  • Large products: 5 - 14 working days from the date of the payment clearing our bank account for the UK mainland. Normally a two person  “Room of Choice” delivery, but not necessarily so, and can be delivered to kerbside or, as an option, to the room of choice.
  • Multi Gyms and Racks:  5 to 14 Days
  • Monster G6, G9, G12 & G20:   5 to 14 days.
  • Sometimes our couriers are really fast and you may receive the delivery earlier than anticipated. The courier will make contact with you prior to delivery to let you know when the item will arrive.
  • European Deliveries: Please add a minimum of 15 days to the above time periods, although you may well get your deliveries sooner, but we cannot guarantee this.

We Offer Free Delivery on Orders over £900

All orders over £900 are delivered FREE to mainland UK addresses. Delivery outside of the Mainland UK will be offered at an additional surcharge and may take longer. Scotland, Highlands and Islands are typical examples of areas which take longer to deliver to and may attract a surcharge. European deliveries are kerbside deliveries and take around 5 to 7 working days.

We Use a Third Party Courier Service

If you have received a free shipping option then you may have been asked to choose a delivery method.

The delivery company is a third party company, which we have sourced for your convenience and safety. In all instances, once your equipment has been purchased, you will need to maintain direct contact with the third party courier service the courier will make contact with you to arrange a suitable time for delivery. The courier company will make contact with you shortly after you have completed your purchase of an in stock item and discuss their delivery time options with you directly.

The sales team will not be managing your delivery and won’t be able to give you information about your delivery. Please call logistics at 020 3965 7711 Option 1, or email

Gym & Fitness is a GDPR compliant company, as are our third party partners and courier companies. By continuing with this transaction you are giving Gym and Fitness permission to pass your order details, email, phone number and delivery address to our designated courier company to enable delivery of this purchase. No other information is passed on to any other third party other than an installation company when relevant.

The final delivery dates are beyond our direct control. The courier company will contact you and make arrangements to deliver at a time that works for both of you.

There may be occasions when the courier is forced to reschedule an appointment, as sometimes people may be sick or there may transport issues. This rescheduling would be out of our hands and all discussion and correspondence would be with the courier company.

The Courier Company Will Contact You Directly

You will be notified by the courier company of your delivery dates.

Occasional delays are sometimes unavoidable at very busy times of the year.

You May Receive More Than One Delivery

Please note that weight plates and Olympic bars are normally a pallet delivery only service. Some products such as weight plates, dumbbells, flooring and barbells are distributed from alternative warehouses and will arrive either as a parcel or as a palletized delivery. This means that the driver in these cases will not carry the goods into the location and will place the pallet at the closest external access point. In most cases this will be a front door to a building.

Standard Delivery in the UK Mainland

All of our products include Free Delivery in the mainland UK. Smaller items are delivered by a “Standard One Person Delivery Service” and large items are delivered by “Standard Kerbside Pallet Delivery”. There is always an optional upgrade available to our “Premium Room of Choice”.

How Can You Tell Which Order is “Small” and which order is “Large”?

If your order is

  • under 150kgs and
  • all individual boxes are under 45kgs

you will receive your equipment via a standard One-Person Delivery. The G1 Monster, G3 Monster, Benches, Olympic Bar and Glute Ham Raise Developer are One-Person Delivery.

If your order is

  • over 150kgs and / or
  • one of the boxes is over 45kgs

then you will receive your equipment via a standard Pallet Delivery. The G12 Monster, G6 Monster, G9 Monster, Monster Leg Press and MyRack Packages over 150kgs will arrive by “Standard Kerbside Pallet Delivery”, unless otherwise arranged.

Standard Kerbside Pallet Delivery (SKPD)

Standard Kerbside Pallet Deliveries are, as the name suggests, palletized Kerbside deliveries.

This is the standard service for extra-large items such as the G6, G9, G12, G20 All-In-One Trainers unless you have been upgraded to a “Room of Choice” delivery service.

A pallet with your equipment packed onto it will be delivered as close to your access point as possible. Kerbside means that the driver will deliver your boxed goods to your nearest accessible entry point, but not into the building.

The access point would be a gate, driveway or loading bay which a pallet delivery vehicle can reasonably get close to.

If you elect to use a pallet delivery for a large delivery then it would be best to make yourself familiar with the nature of the delivery and to have at least one more person  to help you with carrying the items inside. We recommend that you utilise the optional “Room of Choice” service for large orders.  

The driver may use the tail lift on their lorry and a hand-moved pallet trolley to offload your delivery. The drivers cannot lift the pallet over fences or walls, and nor can they take the order any further than the pallet trolley allows.

The pallet trolley doesn't work on steep slopes, loose or uneven surfaces.

Pallet drivers are not permitted to assist in offloading or carrying items inside.

For this service you would need the “Room of Choice” service.

What if Kerbside Delivery is not Possible?

We will do our very best to get your order to you safely, however, and as per our  terms and conditions, the ultimate responsibility for making sure we can access the site lies with you.

If we cannot deliver first time, we'll talk to you and try to redeliver. Please be aware though that there may be a charge for this service.

Kerbside deliveries take place between 8:00 and 17:00 and someone should be at home to accept your delivery.

Kerbside deliveries may have to take place where items are exceptionally large or heavy. If your order weighs in excess of 200 kgs then there is a good chance that it can only be delivered as a kerbside delivery, unless you opted for the room of choice delivery option.

This is especially relevant if you live in a block of flats as carriers will only deliver to the ground floor entrance of the block. If you have alternative delivery requirements, please contact us. Be sure to include one or two phone numbers in case the carrier needs to notify you to arrange delivery.

Standard One Person Delivery (SOPD)

Your order will be delivered by a single driver within 5 to 14 working days of your payment being cleared.

The SOPD is a “Threshold delivery”.

Threshold means the first access point of the building. For most customers this is a front door. We are not able to carry the equipment any further than the threshold. We cannot carry it upstairs, nor to a garden shed or outside building.

But I live in a Flat

With regards to flats, we will take it up as long as there is a lift that the goods will fit into and which is rated according to the weight of the items being delivered We deliver to the nearest point inside the threshold.

“Room of Choice Delivery” also “2 Person Delivery”

In some UK only areas you may have been offered a specialised “Room of Choice” service. For the Force USA Crated machines such as the F50, F100, G6, G9, G12 & G20, the crates will be unpacked and the components brought into the room of choice.

In order to help you get your equipment delivered effortlessly, please inform us of the following in writing

  • Are there street restrictions such as cordoned off access, one way streets etc?
  • Can the delivery vehicle access your property?
  • Is there parking suitable for the delivery vehicle, typically a 7.5 tonne truck?
  • Is there a long driveway?
  • How far are the delivery staff expected to walk to get the equipment into the room of choice?
  • Are there any stairs or steps to get to the room of choice? If so please give details. We do not deliver more than one flight of stairs up or down.
  • Have you cleared the way and cleared the room?
  • Did you need flooring delivered before the main order? We need advance notice of this.

How Your Order Will Be Delivered with Room of Choice.

Our delivery team will make contact with you before delivery. During 2021, the time between dispatch and actual delivery is between 7 and 14 days.

During Covid-19 restrictions the “2 Person delivery” may be restricted by government legislation and hence become a “1 Person delivery”. This means that it will take longer for the single driver to unpack and carry everything inside.

This team will unpack the crates and carry the components inside to a room of choice with reasonable access. This means a ground floor room, one flight upstairs if the components can be carried upstairs without damaging your walls or stairs. Equipment can be carried one story upstairs or downstairs so long as the access is reasonable and safe. If an item cannot be carried down a passageway, through a doorway or through a staircase then it will be left at the closest accessible place.

We do not need to take the crate off the truck. No forklift is needed.

You do not need to help the driver unpack. Please do not do this as it is our responsibility to move the components to your reasonable room of choice.


The default packaging arrangement is that the packaging is left behind in the unlikely event of a return. Please let us know if you would like the packaging removed. In the case of a Force USA All-In-One Trainer G6, G9, G12 and G20 the packaging will be large wooden crates.

As the couriers have no idea what your house looks like inside, it remains your responsibility to decide whether you can get the components safely to the room of your choice. Some frame parts are over 2 meters in length. Small, narrow and tight staircases are not appropriate for the safe movement of large multigym components.  It is also worth bearing in mind the weight of the equipment, and for you to assess the suitability of the space in which the equipment will be set up, with particular focus on the ceiling height and floor load bearing limits.


When we have stock, deliveries are normally dispatched within 24 hours of payment being received on weekdays. Room of Choice is normally dispatched within 48 hours. Covid restrictions during 2021, and until further notice,  mean an additional 10 days are added to this.

If you order and pay for your order after 14:00 on a Friday, your order will only be processed on the following Monday morning or next working day. If you have paid by bank transfer, your bank may not make the funds immediately available and your order will only be processed once the funds have cleared our account.

Force USA products are shipped from our warehouse and depending on your location may move through a number of distribution depots. The local depot nearest to you will call you to confirm delivery details and arrangements.

Restricted Access

Please inform us of any restriction in your streets or access roads which may make it difficult to deliver your goods. For instance some large machines may require a large vehicle to deliver. Tight driveways, tight turning circles, narrow roads, overhanging trees, and lack of appropriate parking all make delivery difficult and sometimes impossible.

Gym & Fitness will not accept any claims for compensation arising from non/failed/refused delivery of any item where either the carriers or ourselves were not made aware of any access restrictions. In the event that the item is refused or cancelled due to these restrictions, the customer is liable for all carriage charges.


If the product cannot be carried to the room of choice because of tight passageways, stairwells or doorways then it may be returned to the warehouse. In such a case you will be responsible for all outbound and return courier charges.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the product can be delivered, can fit through the doors and will fit in the space. We can help you decide beforehand whether you have enough space as required by the size and shape of the product being delivered. Installations rarely take place on the same day as delivery.

Please see our returns policy here.

Immediate Cancellations

To cancel your order you must send an email to, either before your order is dispatched or within 7 working days of delivery of your item(s), quoting your order number.

How to Check Your Order When the Driver Arrives

You don't have to open the box to check that the ordered items have arrived. Simply check the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) against the order that you placed. You will have received an email confirmation of your order containing this information. For instance, the SKU code on a Force USA G6 All-In One Trainer will be “F-G6B”.

Please also check the “box count”. Each product will have an individual SKU code however each product may have more than one box. This will be noted on the box, for instance a G3 would have 4 boxes each labelled as box 1 of 4 and so forth.

Refused Deliveries

If we cannot deliver your goods to you for reasons of restricted access or if nobody is there to receive the goods, then they will be returned to the warehouse for safekeeping. You will then be responsible for outbound and inbound carrier costs. Therefore please check that your goods can be carried to the room of your choice. If you need to confirm the boxed dimensions of a product, please call or email Gym & Fitness prior to placing your order.

Late Deliveries

Our carriers will always try to arrive on time, but will not be held responsible for late arrival due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

Please note that if you order more than one product, you might receive them on different days and/or with different delivery companies.

Short Deliveries and Damage to Packaging

Please count all items and boxes, check for damaged packaging and check this against the delivery note. Please note any exceptions. If the packaging is damaged then cross out the words "delivered in good condition" and note the exception.

Check the number of boxes and names of each box against your order before the courier leaves, do not sign for the complete order, only the boxes you have received. Please contact us straight away in the event of a discrepancy.

If you do not note damage or shortages at the point of delivery, the carrier cannot be held responsible. Words such as UNEXAMINED or UNCHECKED will not be accepted as a conditional signature.

If you do not note damages or shortages, a signature of receipt of goods is deemed to be an acceptance that you have received all the delivery in good condition. This does not affect your statutory rights regarding faulty products.

In the event of damaged items or packaging being received at the time of delivery, and in order to assist us in helping you as quickly as possible, please take a photograph of the delivery note and product packaging and send it to We will begin attending to the matter immediately.

Any short delivery of items must be reported to Gym & Fitness within 48 hours of signing. Neither Gym & Fitness nor the delivering carrier can be held responsible for short deliveries or damages to packaging if you do not note them on your delivery note. This does not affect your statutory rights in the event of the goods being faulty. The customer is asked to examine the goods as soon as is reasonably possible after delivery and notify us of any fault or damage as soon as reasonably possible.

I Received The Wrong Order!

In the very unlikely event of this happening, please do not open the box.  If you do, you are responsible for repacking the unit so that it can be returned to us. Notify us immediately and we will arrange for the item to be picked up and for the correct item to be delivered.

Collection of Faulty Products

If your delivery is faulty we will either arrange for the item to be picked up from you or for a company appointed engineer to visit you and repair the item. If we elect to collect your item then a third party courier company will be used for this service. Please ensure that the goods are ready to be collected and are packaged correctly for transit within 24 hours of you telling us that there was a problem.

Should the goods not be ready for collection then you will be charged an additional courier service to pick them up. Once the goods have been checked we will make the necessary arrangement to either repair or replace them.

You will need to provide us with the proof of purchase for this product. Guarantees are only relevant for the original purchaser and cannot be passed on if you sell your goods to another party. If you cannot show us a proof of purchase from us then you will need to pay for all repairs in full. If we discover that the goods are not faulty on inspection then the unit will either be sent back to you or left with you and all delivery and repair call out charges will be payable by you.


All products are delivered flat packed or on a pallet and will require assembly by you, unless you’ve opted for the installation service (which we strongly recommend if available to your region). In all cases you will receive an installation manual.

Installation times take between 30 minutes and 8 hours depending on the product.

Installation Service

Please contact us at to arrange this.

Installations and deliveries are for ground and first floor only and for the UK mainland. We are not able to offer this service anywhere else.

Installations do not occur at the same time as a delivery, as we rely on our fully trained installation partners to schedule in line with yours and their availability

Installation means that your equipment will be assembled safely according to the manufacturers specifications. This will be carried out by an approved third party installation company and is optional. Apart from sourcing the company by means of the quality of their work and paying for the installation, we do not take responsibility for any other aspect of the installation service. If you accept this optional extra, you also accept the responsibility for coordinating the installation dates with the installation company.

Installation will only take place after the delivery and the normal waiting period is 1 to 4 weeks. We are not in control of the scheduling of the installation service, as we simply partner with  reliable installation companies and pay for it on your behalf. Covid-19 has added further complexity to this process.

The installation company will contact you and make arrangements to install at a time that works for you both. There may be  times when the company is forced to reschedule an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances. This rescheduling would be out of our hands and all discussion and correspondence would be with the installation company.

You will be contacted by the installation company by means of a call or by email. Please ensure that these details are correct when you create your order.

Please also ensure that the space needed for your product has been prepared and cleared. You will need to ensure that access is not restricted and that the installation team can safely and easily work in the area. The installation teams charge according to time and waiting periods incurred whilst someone clears a room, currently at a rate of £25 per half hour.

There will always be a gap between the delivery and installation. This can vary between 1  and 4 weeks.. Please do not leave your new machine outside and exposed to the elements during this time.

Please note that the installation team does not carry parts from storage areas to your room of choice. Please ensure that the components are in the room where you would like to have the machine installed.

When we quote for installation, we assume that the installation will take place in any of the following places

  • Ground floor
  • Garage
  • First Floor (subject to access)
  • One floor down (subject to access)

If the installation team deems an installation to be hazardous or unreasonable. Then Gym & Fitness will be within their rights to refuse the job. Should the goods be found not to fit into the premises then you will be responsible for the costs of the installation team despite the fact that the installation could not be completed.

Agreed installation times must be adhered to.

Please ensure that adequate parking is provided for the loading, unloading and parking whilst the installation and or delivery is taking place. All parking charges will be chargeable to the customer. Should the installation time be extended due to a parking issue, the customer will be charged at a rate of £50 per hour.

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