Abraham Coetzee

Adam B.

Good web site, easy to use, great product and delivery time to Queenslands northern Central Highlands was acceptable.

Agnes W.

The Versafit rubber flooring tiles cover just about every concern I have. First, they are free of toxic substances. Second, they are SLIP-RESISTANT. Third, they are effortless to maintain. I've always had a hard time cleaning the previous brand of tiles we used, but the whole family is glad to have switched to Versafit. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for high quality rubber tiles. - Agnes :)

Alan Cook

Very good customer service

Aldrin E.

I tell you, every single one of my co-athletes own at least one Force USA gym equipment. This one is specifically perfect for hard core trainers, but beginners should not be intimidated by it either. I live by the ideal that it's OK to invest in high quality equipment if I'm serious about getting fit.

Alex H.

One word to describe this machine: powerful. Go for it if you can. It will never disappoint, but that's to be expected from a top quality brand such as Force USA. I highly recommend this machine to serious trainers. This will give you a ripped physique, given that you observe a regular workout routine.

Alexander Hammond

Very helpful

Alister S.

Excellent service, good quality product and arrived on time and in good condition

Alisza A.

Made the right decision to sell out my old equipment and save up for this wonder. I must say: every part of my body is well taken care of by the force usa functional trainer system. I'm starting to think it's all I need in my personal gym and to say that I am obsessed about it would be an understatement. Thanks gym and fitness for making this product available in your store. It's the best.

amy h.

Fast delivery and awesome service wouldn't buy through anyone else


If you're willing to spend the money, go for it. The g6 is a great supplementation for my training, and i use it for the base of most of my workouts. Absolute brilliant quality.

Annastasia G.

I have always tried to make my home environment friendly so the versafit rubber tiles are a great help. Chose the red flecked ones because it's my only child's favorite color. :)

Anthony Arbuckle

Product is what I wanted. No complaints. rapid delivery. Tks

Anton J.

The Freeform F80 has helped me train for countless of marathons by now. When I'm not out for a run, I'd be seen running on F80's tread area. Greatest exercise equipment in my personal gym.

Anton Steenkamp

Archie Boyd

My first running body

Arthur Jenkins

I wish I knew

Ashley T.

Awesome quality and awesome price

Ashley T.

Top quality gear with an affordable price tag

August F.

This is probably the king of all equipment inside my personal training studio. It's undeniably pricey, but I tell you it's absolutely worth the investment. I even lend my PT to some of my closest friends, and like me, the Monster Fitness is their favorite machine. It's my complete training solution, and there's no doubt the dudes think the same.

Beau W.

It's a very nice piece, many options, strong frame and versatile. Good for all forms of bench and upper body free weights, and nice leg and preacher curl attachment. The one issue is the rollers at the base which impede certain exercises.


Great quality, very solid construction and easy to handle. Im really happy with these plates.

Bel. A.

Brought these plates for PT business, they are durable and of great quality. Versatile too with handles. Fast service and delivery. Definitely happy to use Gym and Fitness again.

Ben N.

Website can do with a face lift, but service is good!

Billy R.

I have had pretty bad rubber tiles in the past, so the Home and Fitness rubber flooring tiles are a much-needed breath of fresh air... So happy with my purchase.

Bob P.

I own one of the oldest gyms in town. My customers (and I) are fully satisfied with the G3--in fact my regulars, gym buffs who have been working out in my gym for 3-5 years, go straight to this machine after warming up. It's a powerful combo composed of a solid power rack, smith machine, functional trainer and MORE. The trick is not limiting yourself to what you see on the product name. I recommend this to trainers, gym buffs, and gym owners like me. If I can give more than five stars, I would.

Brad G.

Received my order in perfect condition! I have been using this equipment for a week now and all I can say is that it's high quality and ideal for my small space. Highly recommended. Looking forward to buy more space-saving equipment from Gym and Fitness. Thanks! 

Brenda L.

These are the easiest tiles to install. Just renovated my mini gym and I'm so happy with choosing Versafit. The tiles feel comfortable, and most of all they are non-slip! Perfect for a klutz like me :)

Brendan E.

Recieved quickly and in perfect condition

Brendon P.

These tiles are the most durable I have ever used. After three months, there are still no signs of any cracks or damages, considering a lot of people walk into our gym. With the right maintenance, I'm pretty sure the results will be the same for everyone. Glad and satisfied with my purchase, thank you Gym and Fitness.


Thanks for the great deal guys, really looked after me and cant be more happy with my power rack and Force FID Bench! Its just like the bench I used to use at the gym, nice and sturdy when doing all of my exercises...pec fly, rows etc. Top choice bench, great value!

Brian J.

I have found the Force USA FID bench supports your lower back and enables you to use proper technique. I had developed bad habits with my old bench - the FID bench has corrected this.

Brian Morris

Super happy with this purchase! Bought the G6 a bench, an awesome looking black Force USA barbell and some weight plates. The guys and gym and fitness were great to deal with, very helpful and have me a cracking deal. Thanks Gym and Fitness!!

Brian Roberts

One tough treadmill

Caleb LeBow

Used to own a Rouge system, it worked well but I was never overly impressed, setup was a hassle, and the price was pretty high. We moved and sold that system so we were in the market for something new. We started googling and landed on the MyRack page. The system looked to good to be true for the price but we took a chance and bought the my rack with both arm attachments. When it arrived I started looking over the materials and was impressed. It's all really solid and for the most part everything fits together like a glove. I set up the rack in about an hour and 1/2 by myself. Putting both arms on took about another 6 or 7 hours since I ran into some snags with the instructions (I had to use rubber mallet just little and that wasn't mentioned). My only real suggestion to make the products better is just to add a bit more clarifying direction on setting up the pulley arms. The instructions for the rack are very simple to follow but when you get to working with the pulleys it gets fuzzy in a few spots. After seeing the quality we also bought the MyBench and it is just as well made and impressive! Overall I am incredibly happy with my purchase. I've only been using it for a week and 1/2 now but so far not one issue, handles whatever weight I throw at it and everything works smoothly with little to no wobble or movement (I didn't feel the need to bolt our system to the slab in our garage). So 10/10, would do again.

Cam Henderson

Got this for my garage gym. Love it. Can build it without a bunch of extra attachments I don't need. Would def recommend.

Cam Roberts

Great service for the guys at Gym and Fitness, arrived on time and I've been using it everyday since.

Cameron S.

Great communication and customer service. Was phoned to let me know of delivery. Would def recommend.

Camie L.

It's nice to have noise reducing rubber tiles. The last I had in our home gym made me feel like every move I made resounded in the whole house. Living with my parents, they don't exactly appreciate that. Haha, kidding aside, Versafit is a a really great brand. I recommend these tiles to everyone. The red flecks are also a nice touch.

Candice B.

Bought this product three months ago. Love it, it's so functional! No issues on the construction or the frame. Love the comfortable padding. Transport wheels help me move it around easily, especially since I like working out by the window to get some fresh air. Non-slip feet also helps me have a stable workout each and every time.

Carl B.

Best home bench :D

Carlie B.

I have been looking for a tough machine that is great for home use, and the Force USA FID Bench is the perfect one. I don't like bulky gym equipment as I tend to get too intimidated by them, so I'm starting small with this bench. So far, it has helped me a lot especially on the abdominal region. I enjoy working out with this bench at least five times a week. It boosts my confidence as I am now able to be more comfortable in my own skin.

Carlos Brown

Never thought running could get any better


I bought this F80 treadmill and in 2 weeks time I lost 2.5 kilos. It is so amazing. My friends couldn’t believe I can burn calories that fast at home. I love the calories display and the phone/tablet stand which allows me to work out while watching my favorite shows on my tablet

Chad R.

The Force USA Functional Trainer System never fails to give me an intense workout each and every time. I suggest you go for this product if you're looking for the same experience. No questions asked, it's the best.

Chris Myburgh

I am an avid cyclist and needed a spin bike for home to train when i can't get outdoors. Having researched what was available in the market in my budget i decided to go with this one. I am very happy with my purchase, the frame is sturdy and the setup is ergonomically sound. Basil was very helpful in answering all my questions.

Chris Myburgh

Good quality mat.

Christian Q.

This Force USA bench is perfect for full body workouts. My girlfriend and I have been using this bench for two months now and we're enjoying every workout period. Thanks gym and fitness. More transactions in the future.

Ciara B.

You would never see me without my earphones plugged into my ears. Music is literally my life, so I appreciate that FreeForm F2000 allows me to play music while working out. In a way, it motivates me to do better and run longer. I also use the Media view platform occasionally to watch YouTube covers. I love the F2000!

Clifford D.

Staying true to its name, the Monster Fitness G6 Combination Smith Machine is a real monster when it comes to training, and I mean this in the best way. It's designed to cater to high intensity workout needs, and works really well. I am still getting used to using it, but really, I am in awe everyday. I'm very happy with my purchase and I consider myself lucky to own such a gym equipment. Thanks Gym and Fitness.


I've had the G6 for a little while, its a great machine to use. Because you can do a lot with it. I have this machine in my home gym which is great because it doesn't take up much space and you can do a lot of different exercises with it . Thanks for the great service Evan.

Cory A.

Adjustable according to needs. Great for upper body and leg exercises. One of the best benches in the market today.

Craig Welch

Great features and more

Dana S.

Great bike but most uncomfortable seat ever

Daniel W.

Top quality great product recommend to any chasing a quality bar!!


Great complete unit, ive had mine for a little over 6 months now and there is nothing I cant do. I got the leg press attachment and upgraded my pulleys to alloy and its super smooth. This is the go to machine in my studio now. Thanks.

Darren La-Spina

This monster of a machine is unbelievable. It delivers on quality and performance. I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking about a home Gym. It ticks every box, especially with the accessories bundled in the package.

David Hall

David M.

Great Product as usual... The rubber coated weights are great value and are easy to get off and on the bar and the 20kg bar is high quality..

David S.

No complaints for this rubbed coated plate, finish is good, most importantly the steel sleeve that goes over the barbell - nice and smooth. Better quality than other brands I have (that are otherwise almost identical, but this is about 20% better looking) (also cheaper from memory)

Dean G.

I bought this hoping for a space saving, versatile and heavy duty weight bench. Overall, I think it delivers. Assembly took around 1 hour. There's a LOT of parts. The various screws and bits are nicely packaged and labelled. Space Saving. Hmm, it's not really a space saver. It's a big beast of a bench. I'm happy that it's easy to move but would be great if it were more compactable. The seat back tends to touch the ground as soon as the bench goes vertical. This may cause premature wear on the head rest end of the bench seat back? Time will tell. The bench feels strong and I believe it will easily take it's 275 kg without any troubles (but I'm only asking about 150kg of the bench so far, including weights). Note: It wobbles a little with normal use due to the back rest hinge being a loose fit. The incline and flat range is great. The decline is average in my opinion. The seat does not go high enough to be level with the back rest in decline position. This makes for a difficult ab crunch. However, ab crunches are still doable and to be honest my abs a smashed after the first use (not currently in shape!).


I bought the whole set including the side cables and all the attachments. Stays solid. Very steady, very attractive, and far more affordable than Rogue. Got the bench, monolifts, cable crossovers on each side, and everything else you purchased. Now I'm using the bars with gymnastic rings. The cable cross is very sturdy, smooth moving and can be positioned in multiple levels. Best purchase ever!!!

Dom M.

I have seen and tried countless of treadmills in my seven years of working in the gym, but honestly this is one of the best. The motor is beast, controls and functions are cleverly innovated, tread area is generous. There is nothing bad I can say about this equipment. I would love to own one in the future.

Douglas Burke

Best treadmill we had at the office

Eddie T.

I use only rubber coated Olympic weight plates in my commercial gym. My clients and I appreciate the durability ad solid construction. These plates are made to be used everyday and stand the test of time. Looking forward to purchasing a few more from you, Gym and Fitness. Thanks.

Edward V.

This heavy duty bench allows me to do a nice range of dumbbell exercises. With the optional attachments, I can say every workout session helps me become fitter and healthier.

Elmarie Riberio

The only recommendation I would like to make is that you notify the customer of the date when the product is being dispatched. When I in fact made inquiries in regard to the date of the product being sent off, the responses I received from your offices were prompt and efficient. For that, I am commend you. I would rate your overall service as 4,9.

Em V.

I only trust Monster Fitness when it comes to all in one machines. Never fails to amaze me. Highly recommended.

Emma A.

Husband and I saved up for this---totally worth the wait! We enjoy every single detail this treadmill has to offer. From the music player to the preset programs to every great feature in between. Thanks Gym and Fitness for delivering it promptly!

Eric P.

Quick and easy. Delivered within 10 days. Really happy :)


Got this awesome unit. Fantastic from start of transaction all the way to its assembly. The gentleman who assisted with my inquiries and the transaction (Mike) is great. He answered my questions knowledgeably, and it's such a relief to be able to talk to a person in the United States, not a robot. Delivery was smooth and straightforward for something so heavy. It arrived in less than a week. The unit itself took about 2-2.5 hours to assemble with 2 people. No missing parts. The powder coating is of high quality. The materials and welded parts look and feel sturdy. One of my biggest concern was the need to bolt it on the ground, since I did NOT want to drill holes into my garage floor. Soon as it was fully assembled, decided to keep it unbolted over a smooth textured rubber flooring, and it stays firm in spite of. The thing is sturdy and wouldn't easily budge with plates racked on it. Got it on sale+military discount, lucky!!! This thing will be used to it's utmost. The vast option of placement for attachments is awesome, including WestBrooke measurements for the holes. And they are aptly numbered so no fuss when making sure attachments are leveled on left and right sides. Also has upright barbell holders on each side. Got a pair of monolifts (fantastic!!!), safety straps, J-hooks, pull up bars, band pegs, storage attachments, spotter arms, and the MyBench. Now waiting on the cable crossovers, and a core trainer set to arrive. Very happy with ForceUSA!!


I was slightly nervous about getting this bench as i had not seen it in person. Anyone one looking at it now can rest assured that it is extremely good quality and very very sturdy. No unforeseen movement or feeling of weakness in this product at all. When i unpacked it from the box i got excited with the density of the padding and the solidness of it's construction. Highly recommend this product to anyone who wants it all (Incline, Decline,Flat).

Faith S.

I make it a point to support online stores that support their own causes. I am happy with my purchase of these tiles, not only because they are indeed of high quality, but also because I know I was able to contribute to the Blue Earth charity. Thank you Gym and Fitness for your dedication. I hope your success grows as you help more and more and children.

Fidelis A.

I know it says commercial rubbing tiles, but these Versafit tiles work just as well at home. I have been using them in my personal gym for a time now and there's nothing bad I can say about it. Well done Versafit!

Finn L.

I appreciate how the Versafit commercial rubber flooring tiles are not limited to indoor use. This means I can also use it on our terrace, patio, and some other parts of our house. I usually use the blue flecked ones, but my "creative" (as she calls herself lol) wife insisted I buy different colors for the different areas in our house. Ha ha. She loves the tiles as much as I do. Thanks Gym and Fitness!

Francis Mcdaniel

Loving my new treadmill

Frans Zimmerman

Great. Enjoying the experience. Performing to expectation.

Gab M.

These rubber tiles are easy to clean and maintain, which is good for someone with a hectic schedule like me. I'm focused on working out and I don't really have much time for such chores.

Gael A.

great service and love the floor of the gym now excellent product


Excellent service, great delivery time, fantastic piece of equipment. Will definitely recommend Gym & Fitness to my friends.

George C.

I feel incomplete when I don't use my Vortex V1000 spin bike. My body has gotten used to the tiring, and at the same time, fulfilling sensation it gives me. I try my best to use it everyday because I find that working out with this spin bike delivers great results, may it be physically or mentally.

Glen A.

Awesome product! Perfect for high performance training!

Gordon M.

It's great, does everything I need it to do


love the bench! was easy to put together and is really strong and can do lots of different exercises!


I wasn't initially going to purchase this treadmill but ended up getting it as the other was out of stock. I am thrilled that I went with this one though. It is brilliant. It was easy to assemble and easy to use. I am so glad I decided to purchase this for home. The media/en. Terrain mentioned function is handy and using the heart rate monitor function to guide my pace and on line feels like I have someone there guiding me and pushing me. I would happily recommend this treadmill to anyone looking for a convenient workout at home. I can safely go for a jog anytime I want.


I received my order quickly and in good packaging. Prices are excellent and so is the customer service. Very happy with my order. Look forward to doing business with Gym And Fitness again.


The service and delivery was great. the products are top class and were delivered as described. I would definetley use these guys again in the future. 


Great customer service along with outstanding quality product that can't be beaten on price. I will definitely be a returning customer!


Very happy with the plate weights. Rubber coating makes them easy to handle. Wouldn't use anything else.


Force USA weight plates. Rubber coated metal. They look good, can take a beating and easy to grip. Only downside, on delivery the plates had a greasy film on them, nothing a bit of soapy water couldn't fix, other than that, recommended.


Very happy with the plates. Good product easy to grip.


Great service. Quick and easy


Great product and price, shipping was fast and inexpensive. No complaints.


Great product, handles easy to hold and have a non slip surface. Glides onto the Olympic bar. Recommended

Guy M.

Speedy delivery and great value. Thank you Gym and Fitness.

Hacob L.

I bought a bunch of these rubber coated olympic weight plates for my newly opened commercial gym and everyone's been crazy about it so far. I commend gym and fitness for the quick transaction, friendly assistance an prompt delivery. I'm seeing a lot of great stuff in your store so I'm looking forward to buying more in the future. Thanks.


This is a quality product for a very affordable price. The whole process was excellent, from the sms's to let me know its been shipped to how easy it was to put together (could you believe everything lined up perfectly like it had actually been engineered with very little tolerance?). Had my first work out this morning and it really matches up well against a gym bench, and very comfortable. Thanks, Hamish

Hannah G.

I was disappointed by the last brand of tiles we used so I asked around to know what I should consider next. I had three choices but I'm happy I chose VersaFit. It's the best brand of tiles I have ever used so far, and I like the pop of red.

Harm Stavast

Hi Strat – brilliant product, well designed and actually quite pretty to look at when you are not on it J … took me 30 mins. to assemble and have not looked back since so will really recommend it to some of my friends.

Harold A.

Thanks gym and fitness for always delivering on time. This is my third purchase from your store and I'm never disappointed. Quality is great, pad is comfortable, adjustment features are convenient. This is my new favorite bench.

Harry R.

great, easy to use.

Helgard Van der Westhuizen

The service from Jared was excellent and he went out of his way to deliver the product on time.

Ho M.

Design is modern, computer is functional. Great product

Howard B.

My customer's comfort is my top priority. To avoid accidents, I make sure to use slip-resistant tiles. Versafit is my only choice for this tough job.

Huw T.

The Force 1500lb Bushings bar is a solid bit of kit. I had the bearing version, but when it was destroyed in a fire, bought the bushing version as a replacement. Unless you're really working the oly lifts hard, you don't need bearings. The bushings are much easier to care for, and will last longer than bearings. I've had the bar loaded up to 410kg for partial deads, and it went back to true, so they're well made enough for my use. The knurling is good enough - definitely enough grip without ripping your skin off. In all, a good cheap option for the lifter who wants to load up for the big three and other supplementary stuff.

Jack F.

As a gym buff, I have used countless of functional trainer systems but still Force USA remains unmatched in quality and performance. It's all my body keeps looking for, making me finally buy one for my personal gym. It's perfect for home use as much as it is outside. Thanks Gym and Fitness for the quick delivery.

Jack Mclean

Wow! This gym exceed all my expectations and I was blown away by the amount of exercises and attachments included. It has everything you need and focuses on every single muscle of your body with an amazing exercise chart! I would defitnetly recommend it to anyone looking for a home gym that takes up minimal space.

Jacques D.

I recommend the Vortex V1000 Spin Bike and Gym and Fitness service to everyone. Best team up for me.

James C.

Very happy with these weight plates as they are durable and really appreciate the rubber coating for easier and safer use in the gym. Would certainly purchase again.

James g.

Love it! Heaps of features packed into it, good quality and fits in well with the force usa power rack.

James N.

Great service, reliable Product thats very affordable. I always buy from Gym and Fitness never had any problems fast delivery

James R.

I have been looking for high quality rubber tiles to replace my old ones for quite some time now, but I haven't really seen anything worth purchasing. Happy to have my friends recommend the Home and Fitness rubber tiles to me. I have been using it for about three months now, and I must say they're comparable to my old ones. Maybe even better.

Jana Benson

Great product!

Jane F.

Three points regarding the Versafit commercial rubber flooring tiles. First, it is easy to install. My best friend and I live together and we had fun installing the tiles all by ourselves. Second, since my best friend is also particular about living an eco-friendly lifestyle, this works well in that category. Third, we love the fiery red flecks. It's our favorite color. :) Thanks Gym and Fitness for making such an amazing product available in your store and for delivering it in great condition. We're looking forward to transacting with you again. :)

Jarreau H.

Very happy with this product, and very happy with the fast efficient delivery service. :)

Jarrod Masell

Strong bar, nice grips.

Jen O.

This is what I use for my fitness club. I always choose Versafit because it is high quality and safe. It's also eco-friendly which is a good plus.

Jermaine Mills

Excellent service from gym and fitness

Jess B.

Awesome, extremely fast dispatch


like the title says it's great gear for the price! Everything that came with the order was tight fit and easy to assemble. The only issue that I have is that the safety bars have about an inch of space between the rack and the seating portion of the safety bar. So if you are wanting spotter bars I would go with the spotting slings instead. The order came with everything other than the monolift system that I had ordered. I called Force and they had no issues with next day shipping out the piece of equipment that wasn't included in the shipment, and also gave me an unexpected discount. I recommend Force to all my buddies who are making their own garage gyms who don't feel like spending a grip of cash on a similar rack system from a company that might rhyme with Rogue

Johann Esterhuizen

Excellent quality spinning bike, it has a modern design and the console gives me the feedback I need.

Johann Esterhuizen

Fits well under my bike.

Jonas P.

Excellent unit with fully adjustable features. Leg extension is also perfect for solid leg exercises. Thanks gym and fitness for delivering it safely in my doorstep.

Jonathan Korb

Great power rack for normal plates i.e:Non olympic plates. A great upgrade from my bench system.

Joseph Harris

Great investment

Josh G.

Its so great I'm beginning to think I don't deserve to have such machine inside my personal training studio. Man, I highly recommend this one!

Josh G.

I have plates from 0.5kg to 15kg. They are great weight plates that exceeded my expectations. Delivery was also quick and no issues arose during the whole transaction. Thanks!

Julian R.

I thought it would be fairly sturdy but when i received it, it was better than I thought. I purchased one of the chin up options and two sets of J hooks and they are all superb quality. I also didn't realise that it also came pre-installed with 2 Olympic and 2 standard bar holders which was a pleasant surprise. Also very easy to install, even by myself but recommend having someone else helping.


We bought 10x of these about 7months ago now and have been using them daily for our group classes. We are yet to experiance any problems so I have to say these are a gexcellent bike! The quality is great, and the value for money is awesome. I have used Schwinn and Spinner brands in the past and the Vortex is so much smoother and just well built.

Kara S.

The Home and Fitness Rubber Flooring tiles are comfortable against my feet. The kids even lie down on it at times, and I'm not worried because I'm assured that the materials used in its creation are safe and non-toxic. Thank you gym and fitness for removing the doubts that I initially had. :)


I want to exercise but I don’t have the time. My sister recommended this treadmill so I bought one. It is so easy to set up, and such a great value for money. My 69 year old mother is now light walking on it and I don’t worry because the unit is stable and the safety features are awesome!

Katie O.

The Vortex V1000 Spin Bike is the best bike I've ever had. I bought two, one for my personal gym, the other for the personal training studio I share with my closest friends. I am personally happy with my purchase. It's stable and easy to use. I've never been more comfortable with any bike before. Thank you gym and fitness for the assistance.


If you're looking for a great all in one machine but scared to spend too much, go for the monster fitness g3 functional trainer and you will have no regrets. This machine has delivered astounding results. Coupled with great effort, I am pretty sure it will do the same to you. Highly recommend this one!

Keiri V.

Very good

Ken G.

I use only these rubber coated plates in my gym. Never bought another brand because of the excellent quality and durability.

Ken K.

love the easy grip weight plates easy to lift on and off my gym equipment

Ken K.

I like the rubber coated weight plates as they are easy to grip when taking them on and off my gym equipment . the rubber coating makes me feel more at ease as I have a tiles in my gym room.


Great treadmill to keep my fitness level good and my wife happy. Have been using the F80 for about 8 months now and couldnt be happier.

Kenneth W.

Been using the Versafit commercial tiles for half a year now. Still no sign of damage. I am very impressed, so even if these tiles wear out (and I know that's far from now), I'll make sure to stick only with Versafit. The previous commercial tiles that I used are no match for this product.

Kim M.

I participate in triathlons at least twice a month. This is what I always use to train--it's functional, modern, and practical. Helps me prepare for a long run.

Kira P.

Very happy with my recent purchase. Good quality easy to assemble quick delivery.


Best in the market in terms of price and value. Definitely a practical choice if you want to set up a home gym for yourself. Highly Recommend it!

Kobus Petzer

Very happy with my Dumbbells.

Kris Baychek

It does it all! Very pleased with the build quality and features. This piece of equipment anchors my personal training studio and allows me to program for clients with commercial gym memberships so they feel they have experience with movements under guidance of myself before executing my programs by themselves. Highly recommended for the home gym if you can afford it, you'll not needed a gym membership with this at home.

Kris D.

I have never been more comfortable and at ease with any other bench. The Force USA FID bench has a comfy padding and it never hurt my back. Looking forward to buying more products from Gym and Fitness and Force USA.

Kyle W.

Good product. Great service

Kylie G.

I appreciate gym equipment innovators who consider the future users of the equipment. I love how the F80 Marathon Runner Treadmill is designed to be customized. Speed and incline are easily adjusted, while on-board programming allows me to listen to music or watch my favorite show while running on a wide tread area. I highly recommend this product to every runner out there.

Laila D.

The last brand of commercial rubber flooring tiles that I used stressed me out more than it made me comfortable. It's so hard to maintain unlike the Versafit rubber tiles. I have been using these for about two months now and the experience has been great so far and I know it'll continue that pace as it lasts. Thanks Gym and Fitness for the awesome online service. You're the best online store.

Lana G.

The previous brand of rubber tiles I used made me feel unsafe. After a month of usage, I decided to replace them with the Home and Fitness Rubber Flooring Tiles. I have never been more comfortable working out, Thanks Gym and Fitness for the quick delivery.

Lea M.

As an environmental advocate, I make sure to make my home safe for my family. I appreciate how Versafit is free of toxic substances and how it is recyclable. Wonderful purchase from an online store that is just as great. Thank you.

Leah C.

Fast delivery great service

Leanne M.

Very happy, quality is excellent

Lennard A.

Let me just say this, the Monster Fitness G6 Combination Smith Machine is any gym buff's dream equipment. It's got everything I need: smith machine, power rack, chin up bar, core trainer, and storage holders. I can use it in a number of ways, depending on what I need and see fit. Thanks Gym and Fitness for the quick transaction. Looking forward to buying more equipment from your trusted online store.

Lex D.

Easy to install rubber tiles. Plus side, they are flexible, safe, and very easy to clean.

Linda B

got 234sqm for my PT studio and very happy so far. I have needed to order some extra since as i laid these in a brick pattern and have ended up needing more tiles than i originally thought i would need. all in all looking great and they are providing extra impact absorbtion for all of our weightlifting and protecting all the equipment fairly well.

Linda Da Silva

Hi Marelize, Just to thank you for prompt delivery of water rower. I am in love with it and enjoying my daily work outs. Regards Linda

Lionel H.

The Monster Fitness G3 Functional Trainer, Power Rack, Smith Machine Combo worked beyond my expectations. For the price, it's well worth it.


I just love everything about this treadmill. Exercising at home has never been this fun. I can move around my treadmill anywhere in the house. I can set it up in the family room so I could watch TV with my kids or I can just place it in my room and workout while watching tv on my tablet which fits perfectly on my F80 Treadmill.

Lloyd D.

Great investment and addition to my personal training studio. But that's no surprise because FreeForm has never disappointed me in terms of quality and functionality.

Lola H.

My old bench finally retired so I needed something to replace it. First time I tried this bench, this is my initial reaction: as much as my previous bench has sentimental value to me, wow I was missing out a lot. I'm glad I bought this FID bench by Force USA because it definitely upgraded my workouts and exercises. I love the adjustable features (which my old bench didn't have). Thanks Gym and Fitness for making the delivery quick!

Lucy H.

I have always been doubtful about buying machines that are too complicated and offer features that you can't really use. The problem is simple machines tend to get damaged easily. Buying the Force USA FID Bench, my dilemma was easily solved. This machine easily classifies as heavy duty, but it is also designed to fit any home. For the three months I have been using it, it has already helped me build strength in various areas. I commend Gym and Fitness Au for making this fantastic machine available.

Luke W.

Great bench, quality materials, plenty of adjustments, attachments are quality and very sturdy, overall a 5star bench!


Bought the Freeform F80 because it was heavier duty than the others and we love it! Im training to compete in our yearly marathon and using the F80 every day and very happy so far.

Lyn D.

It makes me happy seeing the kiddos enjoy in their new playground. We have been working since March but we needed to make sure the rubber tiles we are going to use are safe and slip resistant. I'm glad we found this brand. It's so nice to see our efforts pay off.

Mamura L.

The force use rubber coated weight plates provide power in that they are functional and fit my bars perfectly. The rubber also makes them comfortable and easy to grip. I'm starting to like this brand and their products.

Manraj L.

I'm always in the right workout zone with the freeform f80 marathon runner treadmill. Favorite functions are the built in fan, the media view platform and the free mix sound system. They keep me going and energize me as I run. Nice machine that deserves my five stars.

Manuel G.

Great service had the weights within a week!


I have spent a long time on the internet researching what bench to get as I am fussy with my equipment and lift some heavy weights. I went to numerous of the discounters in Sydney and wasn't really happy with anything I had seen as they were all a bit flimsy. Tom assured me that the bench would be as good as it looked in the pictures and it sure was. Was a bit hard purchasing sight unseen but glad I made the commitment! See you again soon.

Marco M.

I purchased a number of these mats for my small garage gym. Great price and quick delivery. One mat however bows up at the edges a little. The others all lie flat though. Maybe I should stick it down instead. Easy fix


This treadmill is a perfect solution to my weight loss goals. It burns calories faster than any other in-home treadmills I bought before. This is perfect for what I need it for and I just can’t wait to see my weight loss results!!!

Mark Glasspool

Excellent Product

Mark J.

I am glad I bought this Force USA bench. It's adjustable, durable, and comfortable to use.

Mathew Breslow

If you are considering a rack for your home gym, do not look any further. The Force USA rack is incredible. Assembly is a piece of cake. You may need an additional set of hands, although somehow I was able to assemble solo. All of the parts are high quality, durable, and heavy duty. It seems this piece of equipment can take a beating, and stand up over the years. Racking heavier weight feels comfortable and sturdy. I feel the price is also very reasonable for the quality you receive. Customer service is also fantastic, and they respond to emails timely, within a few hours. I’m thrilled to have this piece of equipment in my basement, and look forward to getting my workouts completed in my own home! Incredibly helpful for my lifestyle, as having three kids sometimes makes it difficult to get to the gym. Once again, buy this rack! I also purchased cable attachment for one side, lat pull down attachment, strap safeties, and the regular J hooks. The J hooks are also high quality and heavy duty like the entire rack. The straps are very heavy duty, and easily hold higher weight.


Delivery was fast and the plates are pretty much as expected. They seem like good quality; the shape makes them easy to handle and overall I am really happy with the purchase.

Matthew M.

Exactly as described!

Mel L.

Great product. Fast delivery

Meleesa K.

Our entire house uses wood flooring. It was last year when I decided to transform one of the guest rooms into a mini gym for me and my husband. It worked out fine for us until I gained an injury due to slipping in December. From then on, my husband and I decided to switch to rubber tiles. We don't want any accidents to happen again. Versafit was recommended by one of our good friends who uses the same flooring in his home. Glad we listened to his tip! I have been on a break from using our gym but husband says the tiles are super slip resistant. I'm on my way to full recovery now so I'm looking forward to spending quality time with him again. I miss working out!

melinda b.

The bench is perfect


I just added the MyRack as the last piece of equipment to complete my garage gym setup. While i usually workout at my local crossfit affiliate, i needed to train more at home for convenience due to work and family commitments (kids). I needed something that was strudy, didnt need to drill or anchor into the wall and was going to be safe for heavy lifts. I am very happy with my setup and went with the straight bars to be able to kip, as well as the mono-lift attachment which is a great addition! With minimal space in my garage i went with a single cable column to be able to do some cable work. The rack doesnt budge when i kip which is great, this rack is made tuff. For the price, size and features avaliable, this is a great rack and i would recommend it to anyone who trains crossfit and is looking for a safe, solid rack

Michael O.

Great service

Michael O.

Was great as service

Mike G.

I appreciate the number of workouts I can perform with this machine. It's like getting the functionality of three or more equipment in one product.

Milton Mccoy

Great value for money

Mitch T.

Plates are great

Mitchell Q.

My personal trainer recommended I buy the Force USA Functional Trainer System. I don't know where to find it at first, but he suggested I check out your online store. Like always, I'm happy I listened to him. Now I have two great trainers!

Morag Stiles

Naomi E.

This is the perfect gift for my husband. He's so happy and thankful for it. Thanks gym and fitness for making it happen. :)

Natalya P.

Every minute is well spent with the FreeForm F2000 Commercial Treadmill. Unlike with my previous treadmill, I was able to see significant results with the FreeForm 2000 in a span of two weeks. I am happy I purchased this product. Thank you FreeForm and thank you Gym and Fitness for the awesome service. - Natalya

Nathan F.

Great product, as described. Fast Delivery


I've been using this bench for over two months now and cannot fault it. I was impressed by the quality of the product from as soon as I began to unwrap it and I can honestly say it has been worth every cent. The ability to add the seperate Leg and Arm attachments is a real bonus.


Very happy with the Force USA F/I/D bench, works well and very stable, might just need more than one person for assembly


Good quality bar.

Oliver Hart

Bought Freeform F80 for My Dad

Paul O.

Great piece of equipment. Forgot how useful and versatile an incline, decline bench is. Thanks for your great service as always

Pauline A.

The Vortex V1000 Spin Bike is high quality and worth my money. It offers great stability and functionality which I always fail to see in other bikes.

Peter Frans

Treadmill arrived on time, I have been using it for about 2 weeks and am really enjoying it.

Peter Frans

Nice mat, treadmill fits on it, good quality.

Peter Frans

Nice and stylish, good feedback from the console and has a comfortable seat.

Polo A.

I like the fully adjustable features of this bench the most. It is indeed strong enough for gym use, but it also perfectly fits my apartment. Construction and frame are obviously solid, and the foam padding really comfortable. Glad to have this bench around my home. Looking forward to having more intense workouts as I go along. I'm also considering to purchase a smith machine to go with it. Thanks Gym and Fitness, will call one of these days for advice.

Puck S.

If you're looking to buy a solid piece of equipment, I recommend only one product. Purchase the Force USA functional trainer system, because about a year ago, I'm pretty much like most of us here. I was hesitant and doubtful, especially with my previous experience on online buying. But the Gym and Fitness team was kind enough and PATIENT enough to assist me all throughout my transaction. I received the help and information I needed. I suggest trying to learn about a product first before purchasing. In my case, it took me almost two weeks of learning about the different equipment here at Gym and Fitness, but it's well worth it. This functional trainer system is the best piece of equipment I've ever bought. Construction, quality, and ease of use. All these are secured with this machine. Great investment and a wise buy.


Setting up was very simple especially for those who don’t like reading manuals. It is very convenient to use and easy to store away when not in the mood to exercise. My favorite? I just love being able to plug my iPhone straight in this treadmill and have the speakers. Highly recommended!

Rachel Ingram

Excellent quality, nicely packaged.

Rachel Ingram

Nice, well priced EZ bar.

Rame M.

Functional bike with awesome console. Pedaling is smooth.

Ramon Singleton

Best training buddy I bought so far


This bike looks exactly like its picture but much more impressive & solid once set up in your home or gym. Delivery was super quick. I ordered it on a Friday & the following Tuesday I was spinning on my Vortex 1000. Easy & quick to assemble. It’s very well built & great to look at. Once I got on it I did not want to get off. It’s a must buy. Money well spent! Thanks Team Gym & Fitness. Winner!

Rebecca H.

Excellent Product, quick service and delivery

Renard S.

Good quality, fast delivery

Rick J.

Running on any treadmill has never been this fun and enjoyable, maybe because I'm using a piece of equipment I can call my own, but maybe also because of the outstanding quality of FreeForm treadmills. I have been dreaming of getting one since the day I used one on the gym!

Rick N.

Safety is my top concern when it comes to the gym I own in town. I don't want my clients to experience any inconvenience, most especially accidents. That's why I make sure I only use top quality rubber tiles that are safe, slip-resistant and free of harmful substances. Versafit is my partner in delivering this service.


Been looking for the name of this machine since the day I used it--it definitely deserves a remarkable review/rating because this is by far the best machine I have ever used. The commercial gyms in my town are decent, but they lack a lot of equipment. Moving to another city, I was finally able to reap the benefits of working out in excellent gyms. I just hope one of the gyms in my local town gets one of these combo machines. It's all they'll ever need.

Roald van den Berg


Roald van den Berg


Robert Walker

5 star to Freeform F2000

Robi D.

I've been using FreeForm for years now. All treadmills in my gym are all FreeForm. I've already tested and proven the quality of all FreeForm treadmills in my gym, so buying this product, I already expected the astounding quality.


I bought the F80 so that I can keep up my marathon training when the weather isnt too good. So far I have been using it for 4 months and it has been a great addition to my training routine! Would recommend it to my friends.


I bought the F80 so that I can keep up my marathon training when the weather isnt too good. So far I have been using it for 4 months and it has been a great addition to my training routine! Would recommend it to my friends.

Roger G.

I like how the machines of this generation are keeping up with the technology we have. My F2000 treadmill entertains me while I run with the media view platform. I like listening to music while working out so having this feature is a great bonus. It's definitely one of my favorites.

Romeo S.

I have pretty much attracted every type of illness as a child. Now that I have kids of my own, I make sure to stay fit and healthy. I have a couple of Force USA products in my mini gym and sometimes my kids would watch me train. It's our bonding. This one in particular helps me build amazing leg strength and has done a great job.

Rose A.

I cannot emphasize how amazed I am by these rubber tiles. Entering my personal gym now literally feels like I'm walking inside a high end professional gym--all because I changed my flooring! Black is such a classic color. So glad I chose the plain one over the flecked ones!

Ross C.

Very happy with the quality of the product


Overall I'm really happy with the rack, cable crossover, and accessories I bought with the rack. It's a bit smaller than my older rack that I bought at the local sporting goods store, but overall quality of materials and finish is better. There's still plenty of room in the rack to do barbell work and not feel cramped. Putting it together was fairly straightforward and the instructions are reasonable. The "use this piece/part" could be a bit more clear on the pulley section, but otherwise is fine. Also, it'd be nice if the instructions said "if you're going to add a cable tower, don't put this piece on yet", because you'll end up taking it off. The cross over towers are a bit wider than I'd like and leave quite a bit of free space behind them which is hard to use when you have the towers pushed against two walls. Also I was a bit worried about the plastic pulleys on the cable crossovers, but I've loaded them up pretty well for rowing with no issues. My only complaint about the cable towers was the chrome bits were coated with cosmoline or some other gunk that made the weight sled stick a bit until I cleaned it off and lubricated with a dry lubricant.

Sam h.

Top quality product. Great addition to my home gym that I have just started setting up. Looking to purchase more as the funds become available. Fast delivery too after the product became available. Thanks

Sam Taylor

I love these tiles, great price and look good!

Sandra W.

Gr8 fast will buy again, easy to deal with, Thankyou!

Santi W.

Force USA equipment has always been functional and durable. My gym owner friend uses this brand, as well as many other workout buddies. We have nothing bad to say about this brand. I recently purchased this trainer system and I appreciate the neat features. Construction is solid, great for chin ups.

Sasha B.

My top concern with regard to buying commercial rubber flooring tiles is safety. I cannot risk anyone's health and safety, that's why I chose Versafit. It is excellent in terms of being slip resistant and being a safe choice for the environment. I am glad to know these tiles are made of raw materials and won't pose any serious hazard to the environment. I also love that they come in different styles, as I personally like being creative. Red was a no-brainer. It's my favorite color.

Scott Hampton

Was better than I expected

Sean Gilbert

My first 5k and I won

Sebastian B.

Great product, best value for money olympic plates I've found so far. Would also recommend grabbing the 0.5kg plates whilst you're here, for OHP progression.

Shane Meyer

Impressive service. Impressive product. ( Powertec Basic Trainer) Thank you

Sharon Tallot

Very happy with my treadmill.The main benefits for me on the F20 is that it is nice and compact, folds away and has wheels for moving around in my bedroom easily. i can play my music while i'm walking. Great product at a great price!

Sharon Tallot

Shawn Patterson

Features are amazing


I have never been this happy with my weight before until I found this treadmill. It is so fun and easy to use, and with its multiple range of preset programs I can easily plan what variations of exercise I should make to burn more calories. I can increase and decrease my speed easily and so easy to store too when not in use.

Simon P.

Where do I even begin this review... The monster fitness G3 functional trainer power rack and smith machine combo will have anyone at a loss for words. It's a powerful machine packed with the best functions. It's versatile and it allows me to perform a wide range of exercises that no other machine has done for me in the past. It's just... excellent. Kudos to the great minds who invented this machine.

Simone C.

Value for money good quality standard size

Sofia W.

I have 4 of these Freeform F2000 treadmills in our studio and have been using them for over a year now and our clients love them! Just a great quality heavy duty treadmill that has never let us down. Thanks guys.


Quick delivery awesome discount and great machine soo functional and a good variety of exercises on one machine and very adaptable, fits in a good space without taking too much room, sturdy and solid too when using it. well recommended a fantastic Buy!!

Stephen G.

Been using this for half a year now and these rubber coated Olympic weight plates still look brand new. But more than that, the quality is also exceptional from the time I purchase these plates up to the present. Thanks Gym and Fitness for the prompt delivery and friendly assistance.

Stephen K.

Purchased this bench because I was interested in something a little more heavy duty than the entry level benches. I use it for my home gym. I wanted something that was sturdy and would last. I can put a total of 170kg (includes me) on it and it feels rock solid. It's easy to roll out of the way when not in use (less so with the preacher curl and leg extension attachments). Comfortable padding. Overall really happy with this purchase. Time will tell how long the padding stands up, but my initial impression is that this thing is going to last a long long time.

Steve W.

Very good and prompt service thank you

Steven W.

Equipment as described and high quality. Equipment was out of stock as it was Christmas, but staff rang and was more than helpful. Thanks for the service and I will be using gymandfitness before all future purchases

Susan Foster

Glad to have found one, great product.


I purchased a G6 Monster in Feb 1014 and it is still going strong. Incredibly versatile for the small footprint in my PT studio. Two parts that could be better however: 1. The leg press plate is awkward to use and not particularly safe. 2. The two cable pulley's could be of better quality and smoother. Aside from that it is a fantastic machine for all kinds of functional training.


I love running but I already failed to keep up my usual training after I gave birth. My running mate told me I just need a couple of months training and I can get back to running. I bought this treadmill and the results are amazing. I lost weight and my legs are even firmer than before. I am so happy and excited for my daily run.

Ted H.

This equipment is a complete package. It's all I need in my gym. Thanks gym and fitness for the prompt delivery.

Thomas A.

I accidentally ordered the wrong weight set for my bar and they let me exchange the wrong weights for the correct ones with no additional fees. I’ve used the site multiple times and they’re one of the most consistent services I’ve ever encountered.

Tink Minster


Set a goal to begin training for long distance running and decided on the F80 after a fair bit of research. Im very happy so far with my decision and the console is very easy to use compared to my old treadmill.

Tom Q.

Easy to use plates. The rubber coating makes everything easier to grip and durable. I like the quality of this product.


My husband and I are running a family business and since we close late, we can no longer go to the gym. I thought of surprising him with this treadmill and he’s so happy. Now we see to it we work out together at home an hour after work and we have never felt so healthy. The fan is a great addition and the music also helps a lot to keep us motivated!

Tracy R.

The F80 Marathon Runner Treadmill is my ultimate trainer before I join marathons, competitions, and even triathlons. I cannot see myself using any other brand or machine. The F80 is my first love and I'm sure it deserves to be loved by others, too. I highly recommend it!

Tyrone L.

Recently had my small gym renovated. Painted the walls, bought a few new machines, and had my flooring changed. I had a few good options but I'm happy I made the decision to use Versafit. It is flexible, resilient, and slip resistant. Best part is it's easy to clean as I only manage the gym on my own.

Victor H.

Been looking for a bike that can keep up with me. Vortex V1000 is exactly just what I needed.

Vivien V.

Probably one of the most functional treadmills in the market today. I recommend this to anyone who's looking for a high quality machine at an affordable price.

Wade T.

Created a mini playground for my 4-year old and 6-year old boys. Chose this brand for three reasons: 1) It's free of toxic substances; 2) I don't want any slips/falls/accidents; 3) My boys can be noisy, noise abatement works lol. Kidding aside, I'm very happy with this product. Thanks GAF for delivering on time.

Walter Clark

Freeform F2000 is Perfect

Walter M.

Service was great and the price was great too. I rang and spoke to couple different people from the sydney store and they were extremely helpful. Delivery was fast also.

Walter M.

Online purchase was very easy and convenient!! Everything arrived in a timely manner also!! Staff were extremely helpful when i called up to ask questions about the products i wanted to order!!

Walter M.

Online purchase was very easy and convenient!! Everything arrived in a timely manner also!! Staff were extremely helpful when i called up to ask questions about the products i wanted to order!!

Yuki D.

My old bench was durable, but it never failed to make my back hurt after working out. The foam padding is just too thin and not of great quality. That's why I decided to purchase a better and more comfortable bench. Initially, all I wanted was the comfortable foam padding, but it turned out I got so much more. It is undeniably packed with a lot of features. So happy with my purchase!

zheng s.

fantastic product and prompt delivery!

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