About Gym & Fitness Equipment Suppliers

Gym and Fitness Equipment Suppliers is a UK incorporated limited company specialising in the Sourcing, Importing, Supply, Delivery and Servicing of innovative and high quality Fitness Equipment throughout the UK.

We offer top quality innovative brands direct to the public through an effortless e-commerce platform. Lower costs for us means better pricing for our customers. We pass these savings on to you.

We are a customer centric, customer facing organisation. By listening to our customers, we create product innovation and improvements on an on-going basis with our brand partners around the world. This means that you get a better product.

Our focused product range offering is crafted from the latest UK consumer market research. We make buying easy by sourcing a smaller range of exceptional quality items and brands.

We supply, install and service our fitness equipment throughout the whole of the UK mainland all of the year.

Gym and Fitness Equipment Suppliers offers expert advice so that our customers make the right choices at the right times.

Our Brands

In response to the European and UK demand for better products at a fair price, we have sourced brands which match our values of innovation, results orientation, excitement, adaptability, ease of use, convenience and high quality.

  • For a brand to make it onto our website it must offer the following
  • Offer innovative and exciting design
  • Ease of use and adjustments.
  • Stringent quality and batch testing
  • Original research and design.
  • Proven track record in international support.
  • Fair value, meaning high quality at the best possible price.
  • Strength equipment should be multi functional and be suitable for the space constraints typical in the UK market.
  • Fitness equipment should be technologically advanced and easy to service.

Currently four internationally acclaimed brands have been sourced and are now proudly offered for the first time in the UK to the discerning and savvy fitness equipment buyer. We offer exclusive access to the top international brands; Force USA, Vortex Studio Bikes, FreeForm Cardio Fitness Equipment and VersaFit Protective Flooring.

Force USA

Force USA is the trusted name in strength training gym equipment. The brand is at the cutting edge of innovation and is favoured amongst serious athletes as well as home gym enthusiasts.

Force USA has been manufacturing fine gym equipment for nearly 40 years. The company controls the supply of equipment from conceptual design, engineering, component design, quality control, manufacturing and finally ensures a distribution and support network throughout the world.

Gym & Fitness Equipment Suppliers is proud to be associated with a company whose values align so closely. Force USA is revered for its attention to detail, continuous quality improvement and constant innovation.

As a researcher and designer the company holds many patents and consistently brings new innovations to the Fitness Equipment

Hundreds of hours are spent in research, development, and quality testing of all products including the packaging. So you get the bet equipment delivered in the safest way.

Vortex Studio Bikes

Vortex Spin bikes and Studio bikes can be found in homes, personal training studios and gyms throughout the world. Vortex Studio Bikes are customer centric and designed around the user to give a great workout whilst being easy to adjust, use and move around.

FreeForm Cardio and Fitness Equipment

FreeForm is an international brand of ardiovascular gym equipment offering innovative features, rock solid performance and is well known for reliability and longevity. FreeForm offers quality treadmills for home use, light commercial use as well as full commercial gyms and health clubs.

Versafit Protective Flooring

VersaFit™  is a brand of high quality, high impact and environmentally friendly protective rubber flooring.

VersaFit™ High Impact Gym Flooring Tiles have a number of excellent features to enhance the look, feel and longevity of your gymnasium floor.

VersaFit™ is an environmentally friendly, homogeneous EPDM / recycled floor covering for areas subject to heavy wear and high impact. The durability, flexibility, safety, comfort, slip resistance and aesthetic appeal makes VersaFit™ a perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor flooring applications.

World class brands at your fingertips
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