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Force USA MyRack Garage Gym Power Rack Package

  • Lifting some serious weights at home and looking for a all inclusive power rack, heavy duty bench and Olympic bar with weights? Stop and look at this!
  • Designed by Industry experts: Call us for help designing your MyRack on (UK) 020 3965 7711 or mail us on
  • The MyRack Power Rack Base Unit, a 270 kg Capacity Adjustable Bench, Olympic Bar with 120kgs of Rubber Coated Plates, Deluxe J-Hooks (450 kg capacity), Free Upgrade to a Multi Grip Globe Chin Bar, Box Tube Safety (internal safety), Front Rack Safety (external), Band Pegs and Weight Plate Holders! Simply add more accessories as space and budget allow.

  • The Original Force USA Modular Power Rack System. Your Rack, Your Workout, Your Choice. We give you the base and the rest is up to you. For beginners we have asked industry experts to design a starter package with essentials for a power rack for your home gym, garage gym or personal training studio. 
  • With over 20 different options to choose from and over 100 different rack variations you can create your own personalised rack to suit your specifications. Your options are endless with an assortment of chin-up bars, J-Hooks, Safeties and Cable attachments.
  • The Force USA MyRack is the only custom power rack manufactured using state or the art fully automated laser cutting and robotic welding technology. Each production run is tested to meet our rigorous safety standards and weight ratings to deliver the safest and highest quality power rack to your training facility.


Condition New
Size Assembled (LxWxH) 140cm x 132cm x 220cm
Size Boxed (LxWxH) Multiple Box Delivery Please Call
Product Weight 320 kgs
Warranty 30 Days peace of mind, Lifetime Frame, 1 Year Moving Parts, 90 Days Upholstery.
Resistance Free Weights, 140 Kg Olympic bar and rubber coated weight plates
Expansion Ready Yes
Power Rack 54 Adjustments, Laser Punched, 12 Gauge Steel Frame 60 X 60 Uprights.
Smith Machine No
Functional Trainer No
Chin Bar Yes, Multi Grip with FREE UPGRADE to Multi Grip Globe Chin Up Option 02
Lat Pulldown Optional
Core Trainer Optional
Leg Press No
Band Pegs Yes
Dip Attachment Optional
Stability Bar No
Attachments Included 140 kg Olympic Bar and Rubber Coated Weights, Front Rack Safety, Box Tube Safety, Multi Grip Globe Chin Bar, J-Hooks, Force USA Multi Adjustable Bench, Weight Plate Holders & Bandpegs.

What is the weight carrying capacity of the Front safety arms on the myrack?

The weight capacity is 450 kgs. We do suggest that if you are going to use heavy weights using the front safety arms that you bolt your MyRack down. 



What are the dimension of the rack with the lat attachment?

The MyRack power rack dimensions are as follows

140cm x 120cm x 220cm.


Please note that the width of the power rack will be smaller than the length of the chosen bar that you will be using. If you are using a 7  foot bar then you will need at least another 20 cm on each side of the bar to load weights bringing the needed room width to 250 cm.


In addition the power rack with the lat attachment option will make the rack longer by approximately 30 cm, bringing the total length to 170 cm. Please note that you would want to have around 20 cm at the back of lat attachment to cater for the width of the weight plates you use in addition to this.


The ideal footprint area for the rack is therefore:

250 cm wide (for the 7 foot bar),

190 cm long (if using the lat attachment at the back of the rack)

225 cm high minimum ceiling height. To store a 7 foot bar with the MyRack you would need a ceiling height of 230 cm minimum.

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