Force USA MyRack - Custom Modular Power Rack Builder

  • Your MyRack, Your Workout, Your Choice. This Power Rack is a Custom Rack builder meaning YOU choose all of the attachments from the ground up. You start with this base unit and then click on each item that you would like. Of course should you need some help in making a choice, or need to know more, why not call one of our resident experts for some help?
  • With over 20 different options to choose from and over 100 different rack variations you can create your own personalised rack to suit your specifications. Your options are endless with an assortment of chin-up bars, J-Hooks, Safeties and Cable attachments.
  • The Force USA MyRack is also the first Force USA power rack to offer a Monoliftlat pull down seat with knee holder and a globe grip chin-up bar for improving your grip strength! With safety's stronger than any weight you will be benching or squatting, so you can rest assured that you will be safe as you push out your 1RM.
  • The Force USA MyRack is the only custom power rack manufactured using state or the art fully automated laser cutting and robotic welding technology. Each production run is tested to meet our rigorous safety standards and weight ratings to deliver the safest and highest quality power rack to your training facility.


Size Assembled (LxWxH)
Size Boxed (LxWxH)
Product Weight
Expansion Ready
Power Rack
Smith Machine
Functional Trainer
Chin Bar
Lat Pulldown
Core Trainer
Leg Press
Band Pegs
Dip Attachment
Stability Bar
Attachments Included
140cm x 132cm x 220 cm
Multiple Box Delivery, Please Call
85 kg Base Unit Plus Accessories
30 Days peace of mind, Lifetime Frame, 1 Year Moving Parts.
Free Weight
Yes, 100 variations
54 Adjustments, Laser Punched, 12 Gauge Steel Frame 60 X 60 Uprights.
No. Available on the Monster G3 and Monster G6
Optional Cable Crossover for up to 4 Attachment Points
Optional Parallel Monkey Bars or Multi Grip Bar
Optional Attachment to Rear of Rack, Low Row and High Pulley
Optional for Both Olympic and Standard Plates
No. Available on Monster G3
Optional. Band Peg Holes Throughout Rack and Safeties.
Base Unit
Julian R.

I thought it would be fairly sturdy but when i received it, it was better than I thought. I purchased one of the chin up options and two sets of J hooks and they are all superb quality. I also didn't realise that it also came pre-installed with 2 Olympic and 2 standard bar holders which was a pleasant surprise. Also very easy to install, even by myself but recommend having someone else helping.

Caleb LeBow

Used to own a Rouge system, it worked well but I was never overly impressed, setup was a hassle, and the price was pretty high. We moved and sold that system so we were in the market for something new. We started googling and landed on the MyRack page. The system looked to good to be true for the price but we took a chance and bought the my rack with both arm attachments. When it arrived I started looking over the materials and was impressed. It's all really solid and for the most part everything fits together like a glove. I set up the rack in about an hour and 1/2 by myself. Putting both arms on took about another 6 or 7 hours since I ran into some snags with the instructions (I had to use rubber mallet just little and that wasn't mentioned). My only real suggestion to make the products better is just to add a bit more clarifying direction on setting up the pulley arms. The instructions for the rack are very simple to follow but when you get to working with the pulleys it gets fuzzy in a few spots. After seeing the quality we also bought the MyBench and it is just as well made and impressive! Overall I am incredibly happy with my purchase. I've only been using it for a week and 1/2 now but so far not one issue, handles whatever weight I throw at it and everything works smoothly with little to no wobble or movement (I didn't feel the need to bolt our system to the slab in our garage). So 10/10, would do again.


Overall I'm really happy with the rack, cable crossover, and accessories I bought with the rack. It's a bit smaller than my older rack that I bought at the local sporting goods store, but overall quality of materials and finish is better. There's still plenty of room in the rack to do barbell work and not feel cramped. Putting it together was fairly straightforward and the instructions are reasonable. The "use this piece/part" could be a bit more clear on the pulley section, but otherwise is fine. Also, it'd be nice if the instructions said "if you're going to add a cable tower, don't put this piece on yet", because you'll end up taking it off. The cross over towers are a bit wider than I'd like and leave quite a bit of free space behind them which is hard to use when you have the towers pushed against two walls. Also I was a bit worried about the plastic pulleys on the cable crossovers, but I've loaded them up pretty well for rowing with no issues. My only complaint about the cable towers was the chrome bits were coated with cosmoline or some other gunk that made the weight sled stick a bit until I cleaned it off and lubricated with a dry lubricant.

Cam Henderson

Got this for my garage gym. Love it. Can build it without a bunch of extra attachments I don't need. Would def recommend.


Got this awesome unit. Fantastic from start of transaction all the way to its assembly. The gentleman who assisted with my inquiries and the transaction (Mike) is great. He answered my questions knowledgeably, and it's such a relief to be able to talk to a person in the United States, not a robot. Delivery was smooth and straightforward for something so heavy. It arrived in less than a week. The unit itself took about 2-2.5 hours to assemble with 2 people. No missing parts. The powder coating is of high quality. The materials and welded parts look and feel sturdy. One of my biggest concern was the need to bolt it on the ground, since I did NOT want to drill holes into my garage floor. Soon as it was fully assembled, decided to keep it unbolted over a smooth textured rubber flooring, and it stays firm in spite of. The thing is sturdy and wouldn't easily budge with plates racked on it. Got it on sale+military discount, lucky!!! This thing will be used to it's utmost. The vast option of placement for attachments is awesome, including WestBrooke measurements for the holes. And they are aptly numbered so no fuss when making sure attachments are leveled on left and right sides. Also has upright barbell holders on each side. Got a pair of monolifts (fantastic!!!), safety straps, J-hooks, pull up bars, band pegs, storage attachments, spotter arms, and the MyBench. Now waiting on the cable crossovers, and a core trainer set to arrive. Very happy with ForceUSA!!


I bought the whole set including the side cables and all the attachments. Stays solid. Very steady, very attractive, and far more affordable than Rogue. Got the bench, monolifts, cable crossovers on each side, and everything else you purchased. Now I'm using the bars with gymnastic rings. The cable cross is very sturdy, smooth moving and can be positioned in multiple levels. Best purchase ever!!!


I just added the MyRack as the last piece of equipment to complete my garage gym setup. While i usually workout at my local crossfit affiliate, i needed to train more at home for convenience due to work and family commitments (kids). I needed something that was strudy, didnt need to drill or anchor into the wall and was going to be safe for heavy lifts. I am very happy with my setup and went with the straight bars to be able to kip, as well as the mono-lift attachment which is a great addition! With minimal space in my garage i went with a single cable column to be able to do some cable work. The rack doesnt budge when i kip which is great, this rack is made tuff. For the price, size and features avaliable, this is a great rack and i would recommend it to anyone who trains crossfit and is looking for a safe, solid rack

Mathew Breslow

If you are considering a rack for your home gym, do not look any further. The Force USA rack is incredible. Assembly is a piece of cake. You may need an additional set of hands, although somehow I was able to assemble solo. All of the parts are high quality, durable, and heavy duty. It seems this piece of equipment can take a beating, and stand up over the years. Racking heavier weight feels comfortable and sturdy. I feel the price is also very reasonable for the quality you receive. Customer service is also fantastic, and they respond to emails timely, within a few hours. I’m thrilled to have this piece of equipment in my basement, and look forward to getting my workouts completed in my own home! Incredibly helpful for my lifestyle, as having three kids sometimes makes it difficult to get to the gym. Once again, buy this rack! I also purchased cable attachment for one side, lat pull down attachment, strap safeties, and the regular J hooks. The J hooks are also high quality and heavy duty like the entire rack. The straps are very heavy duty, and easily hold higher weight.


like the title says it's great gear for the price! Everything that came with the order was tight fit and easy to assemble. The only issue that I have is that the safety bars have about an inch of space between the rack and the seating portion of the safety bar. So if you are wanting spotter bars I would go with the spotting slings instead. The order came with everything other than the monolift system that I had ordered. I called Force and they had no issues with next day shipping out the piece of equipment that wasn't included in the shipment, and also gave me an unexpected discount. I recommend Force to all my buddies who are making their own garage gyms who don't feel like spending a grip of cash on a similar rack system from a company that might rhyme with Rogue

What is the weight carrying capacity of the Front safety arms on the myrack?

The weight capacity is 450 kgs. We do suggest that if you are going to use heavy weights using the front safety arms that you bolt your MyRack down. 

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