Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-1 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-2 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-3 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-4 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-5 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-6 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-7 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-8 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-9 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-10 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-11 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-12 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-13 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-14 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-15 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-16 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-17 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-18 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-19 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-20 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-21 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-22 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-23 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-24 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-25 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-26 Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer V2-27

Please read the following carefully as there are different ways in which your products may be delivered. You may need to make arrangements to meet the couriers and in the case of kerbside or pallet deliveries, you may need someone to help you take your equipment into your chosen room as the driver will only deliver the package to the outside of your house.  

How Your Equipment Will Arrive

Your gym equipment will arrive in flat packed boxes, wooden crates or by pallet service. Please see below for more information on which applies to your order. The courier will attempt to deliver on a day that is convenient to you.

Please click here for more information about delivery, shipping and installation

Please check our CoVid-19 Page for updates on deliveries

Specific delivery times cannot always be guaranteed and as we utilize third party courier companies, we cannot be held responsible for delays. As we are not in direct control of the third party courier, we will not accept liability for failure to deliver on the stated date. 

Free Delivery Over £250

If you have an order over £250 then you will qualify for a free delivery. If your order is less than £250 then call us and lets see if we can help you spend a bit more on your home gym and Force USA Gym Kit!

Preparations for Delivery of your New Gym Kit

Please inform us of the following in writing:

  • Are there street restrictions such as cordoned off access, one way streets etc?
  • Can the delivery vehicle access your property?
  • Is there a long driveway?
  • How far are the delivery staff expected to walk to get the equipment into the room of choice?
  • Are there any stairs or steps to get to the room of choice? If so please give details. 
  • Have you cleared the way and cleared the room?
  • Please bear in mind that our delivery crews do not know your property and may have multiple deliveries on that day. Please tell us anything else that we may need to know so that we can deliver your new kit safely. 

Pallet Delivery Only for Some Products

Please note that some products such as flooring tiles, weight plates, dumbbells and barbells may arrive as a pallet delivery even if you have paid for a Premium White Glove Service for the large All-In-One Trainers. This is because some of the smaller products come from a different warehouse. They will be left on a pallet at the closest access point to your property. This will be the case for any non Force USA products. You will need to carry the items in to the property yourself. 


How Long Does it Take?

During Covid-19 regulations of any kind please double up on any time period given. Although we have a company with many highly efficient and trained staff members, even some things are beyond our control

Most heavy and large units 5 - 9 working days from the date of the payment clearing in our bank account for UK mainland. Sometimes our couriers are really fast and you may receive the delivery earlier. The courier will make contact with you prior to delivery.

Small Products : 3 - 7 working days from the date of the payment clearing in our bank account for UK mainland.

All-In-One Trainers (Previously Monsters) G6, G9, G12, G20, F100:   7 to 14 days. You will have a choice between pallet delivery (delivered by pallet and left as close to your building entrance as possible) or Premium White Glove service (the crates are unpacked and all parts carried inside to a room of choice subject to reasonable access and a maximum of 1 flight of stairs). 

European Deliveries: Please add 5 days to the above time periods, although you may well get your deliveries sooner, we cannot guarantee this. 

Pallet delivery is free, there is an extra charge for Premium White Glove Delivery (PWGD) service. PWGD service is only available in the mainland of the UK and takes longer to arrange.

Large and Heavy

As you would expect from a high quality piece of heavy duty strength gym equipment, the boxes can be large and heavy. This surprises some people. Please don’t be surprised, you are getting the real Force USA equipment. Please note the following.

Force USA F100 All-In-One Trainer: Total weight of just under 450 kgs in 1 crate.

Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer: Total weight of just under 500 kgs split between 2 crates. 

Force USA G9 All-In-One Trainer: Total weight of 250 kgs in 1 crate. 

Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer: Total weight of 450 kgs split over 2 crates

Force USA G20 All-In-One Trainer: Total weight of 650 kgs split over 3 to 4 crates.

Force USA G20 + Lat Attachment All-In-One Trainer: Total weight of 895 kgs split over 5 to 6 crates

You can’t lift these on your own. In most regions this will be a kerbside delivery. In some regions the driver will help you unpack the box and bring the parts into a room of choice for you. Where the driver can’t help you we suggest unpacking the box as it arrives and carrying the components in to your gym or house.

You May Receive More Than One Delivery

Please note that weight plates and Olympic bars are normally a pallet delivery only service. Some products such as weight plates, dumbbells, flooring and barbells are distributed from alternative warehouses and will arrive either as a parcel or as a palletized delivery. This means that the driver in these cases will not carry the goods into the location and will place the pallet at the closest external access point. In most cases this will be a front door to a building.

If there is any doubt or you wish to clarify delivery dates please chat to Alex on 020 3965 7711, (Logistics Option 1).

My Delivery is not Complete

Check the number of boxes and names of each box against your order before the courier leaves, do not sign for the complete order, only the boxes you have received. Please contact us straight away

If you do not note damages or shortages, or the carrier cannot be held responsible. Words such as UNEXAMINED or UNCHECKED will not be accepted as a conditional signature. 

Remember if you do not note damages or shortages a signature is an acceptance that you have received all the delivery in good condition. This does not affect your statutory rights regarding faulty products.

I Received The Wrong Order!

This may happen on rare occasions, Do not open the box, if you do you are responsible for repacking the unit so that it can be delivered to the rightful owner. Notify us immediately and we will arrange for the item to be picked up and will arrange the delivery of your correct item. 

In some regions there may be an option to choose to have your machine professionally assembled and installed by a third party installation company.

Please note that we engage with third-party installation companies and are reliant on their availability.  We therefore cannot guarantee any particular day or date for an installation service. Any date given for installation is an indication and will only be finalised by the installation company. In most cases the installation company will make contact with you directly to arrange a convenient time and date for you. 

if available,  an installation company will only finalise your installation booking after you have confirmed that you are happy with your delivery. Lead time around 7 to 21 days after delivery. This timing is very seasonal and its best to give us a call to chat about this as I can sometimes fast track this for you as soon as payment has been made. 

Installation is an Extra Charge of Between £400 and £699 Location and Item Dependant

We use highly proficient installation teams and as such we pay them for being the professionals that they are. We have selected a team that will carefully put your equipment together so that you can enjoy many years of training. Installation times vary from between 2 hours and 7 hours depending on the item. 

Please ensure that all of your parts have arrived and are available for the installation company. You can check these off against the installation booklet that is included in the box.

Should you be missing parts then please make immediate contact with us so that we can send you the missing spares. The installation company will only come out once and if the parts are not available they won’t be able to complete the job. 

Please see our YouTube videos for more information on the G Series and installations.


The Force USA F100 V2 All In One Trainer with redesigned Chin Up Bar, Barbell Storage, Additional Weight Plate Storage, Upgraded pulleys and Expanded Workout Chart. The Latest Addition to an expanded range of Force USA  All-In-One Functional Trainers

If you are a Personal trainer or home gym owner wanting to invest in a Force USA All-In-One Trainer then you have just been given more choices!  The Force USA F100 is similar to  the Legendary Force USA G series All-In-One Trainers such as the G20, G12 and G6. The brand new Force USA F100 V2 Multi Functional Trainer was born during 2021 as a facelift version of exceptionally popular F100. A combination of a slightly lower price tag but with almost the same functionality as a Force USA G6 or G12 All-In-One Trainer. 

The Force USA F100 combines a 2:1 (100 kgs = 50kgs effective weight)  Cable Ratio Functional Trainer with 100kgs Weight Stacks,  Smith Machine, Power Rack, Dip Station, Core Trainer and Chin Bar.

Plus a FREE "All Rounder" Barbell. Only during March 2022

The  Force USA F100 V2 Multi Functional Trainer is Ideal For:

  • Light commercial or Premium Home Gym Space is limited. You need an All-In-One Home Gym.
  • You need Light commercial quality with weight stacks pre-select.
  • You like the idea of getting a FREE All Rounder Barbell designed for the F100.
  • You want a multi-gym with lots of accessories.
  • You like the 2:1 Cable Ratio (100kgs =50kgs effective weight).
  • You want functional, physique and strength training with a weight stack with smaller increments. 

The  Force USA F100 Multi Functional Trainer is NOT Ideal For:

  • Ceiling Height under 234cm (Machine height 232 cm) 
  • Beginners and less powerful people looking for limited simple exercises
  • You want a simple machine with no thinking required.
  • Weight Restrictions on the floor of less than 500kgs

 Confused with the options? Click & Compare the Monsters!


Personal trainers and home gym owners around the world have said that they prefer a heavy-duty all-in-one functional trainer or multi gym that could perform all of the main planes of movement and exercises including the safety of a Smith machine and the benefits of the power rack, multi-functional trainer, multi grip chin up station and dip bars. 

Shopping around the web? Consider the following...


Force F100
Similar Available Smith Multi Gyms* and Previous Units:

  • 2 Year Cable and Pulley Warranty
  • 35 Exercise Chart
  • Light Commercial 
  • 8 Machines in One
  • Free Custom Length Olympic Barbell* March 2022 only
  • 12 Attachments
  • Dip Bars, Free Core Trainer, Free Knee Support for Lat Pulldown
  • Free Delivery within 7 days*
  • Installation Available. Please enquire about pricing.
  • Original Force USA International Brand, The Trusted Name in Strength Equipment

  • 6 months to 1 year
  • No Chart 
  • Home to Light Commercial
  • Normally Barbell are sold separately and not included free. 
  • 4 to 5 Machines in one
  • 4 - 8 Attachments
  • Optional Extras at additional Cost
  • Some Suppliers Import per Order 
  • Some Companies Cannot Install. 
  • Some Local Brands or Strength not a Core focus

*Similar Units means a multi functional gym machine using the similar smith machine functional trainer combo format in the same price bracket (+ or - 20%). 

** When in stock. Force USA is housed and warehoused in the UK and when in stock dispatches to UK customers within 7 days. European customers are advised to ask for assistance in terms of delivery dates as these can vary for each country.This does not apply to pre orders.

Smith Machine

No Spotter needed. The 300 kgs weight capacity Smith Machine. Commercial grade guide rails give you a frictionless experience. Fitted with safe lock & release mechanics and upgraded safety limiters and rubber spacers, allowing you to max out your gym training.

Includes the integrated smith barbell so you can get cracking with those home based training routines with safer versions of free weight movements such as Squats, Front Squats, Lunges, Standing Calf raises, Shrugs, Upright Rows and more.

Add an adjustable weights bench from Force USA such as the MyRack Fid bench of the Force USA Commercial FID Bench and add these to your routine: Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, Decline Bench Press, Military Press, Press Behind Neck and More

Power Rack

Mix it up with your home gym workout by incorporating free weight barbell movements though the Power Rack. The J-Hooks which hold the barbell for you can be adjusted to any height depending on your height and chosen exercise. 
The steel Power Rack component includes J-Hooks and Front Safeties  with 300 kgs weight rating, which can be adjusted to 11 height positions. 

High-end quality J-Hooks and Front Safeties include polymer coating whilst keeping your barbell knurling protected. Specially upgraded to cater for Standard Olympic Barbells within the very generous inside working footprint. Previous versions required a custom barbell. 

Functional Trainer

Upgraded pop pin adjustments for the dual adjustable pulley. The 2:1 Cable Ratio Functional Trainer allows you to perform over 75 different exercises. Features adjustable height positions to perform shoulder, arms, chest, back, core and leg exercises.

The FORCE USA F100 has 19 Functional Trainer height positions to perform cable exercises from all angles for Shoulders, Arms, Chest, Back Core and Leg Exercises. 

With Fluid Cable movement and Included cable attachments this light commercial Multifunctional Trainer Smith Machine Power Rack / is packed with features and offering a large variety of exercises

MultiGrip Chins 

The FORCE USA F100 Multi Functional Trainer includes a redesigned and upgraded ergonomic multi-grip chin up / Pull Up station with 300 kgs use weight. This ergonomic design allows you to perform pull ups, chin ups, wide grip pull ups, reverse grip pull ups.

All Rounder Barbell

For March 2022 only. Specially designed custom build "All Rounder" barbell included FREE. This is a wider barbell which fits the wider than normal internal footprint of the Force USA F100 Multi Functional Trainer.
The picture to the right shows two all rounder barbells. You will be receiving only one All Rounder" barbell with your F100. 

Dip Station


Dips are a highly effective pushing exercise which target the chest, front deltoids and triceps.

Multi grip dip station handles allow you to use different width to Move the emphasis between chest and triceps. 

 by using the multiple adjustment positions on the frame you can adjust the height and use power bands or additional weights to increase the intensity.

Core Trainer

You see them in all the gyms,  now use your own  landmine station core Trainer

The perfect accessory for all kinds of functional, core,  torso and rotational  training.  includes a t-ball for t-bar rowing. 

Perfect for T Bar rowing,  two handed landmine press,  Lumberjack Squat and press,  one arm rowing,  one arm clean and press  and many more.

Built-In Exercise Chart


The F100 Multi-Functional Trainer includes an exercise chart built into the unit to help build your workout routine and show you correct and safe movement patterns. Look for more videos on our Youtube channel.

High Tensile 900kg Rated Cables

The Force USA F100 V2 Multi-Functional Trainer has commercial sealed bearing pulleys along with high tensile aircraft cable rated at over 900kg's to give you unsurpassable natural and fluid movement patterns.


  • Smith Machine Fixed Barbell
  • Custom Olympic Barbell Only until March 2022
  • Coated Front Safeties
  • J-hooks
  • Tricep Rope
  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Adjustable Nylon D Handles
  • Landmine Attachment
  • Dip Handles
  • Bicep/Tricep Pushdown Bar
  • 8 Link Chain-set
  • Foam Knee Support
  • Low Row Footplate

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Bodybuilding
  • Muscular endurance
  • Glycolytic efficiency
  • Concentric or eccentric (Negative) training
  • Compound or isolation
  • Plyometric
  • Slow twitch or fast twitch fibres training


Assembled Dimensions W/D/H. W: 210cm, (with the Olympic bar: 220cm); D:175cm; H:232 cm.  


  • 2:1- with 100lbs loaded, resistance is 50lbs


Please note that the finishes and designs of the accessories are updated from time to time. This means that the accessory that you see in various videos may not be identical to the accessory that you receive. Changes are normally a result of improvements or upgrades based on customer feedback. 

Please note that these units do not come with weight plates as these are optional extras.

Please check with our Product Specialists when you are concerned about compatibility. Force USA machines are generally designed around other Force USA components and they may not always be compatible with your other gym equipment. 

SKU F-F100-V2
Condition New
Brand Force USA
Size Assembled (LxWxH) W: 210cm, (with the Olympic bar: 220cm); D:175cm; H:232cm.
Size Boxed (LxWxH) 220cm x 62cm x 53cm
Minimum Ceiling Height 234cm
Minimum Room Width 240cm absolute minimum, to allow loading of the Smith bar, 21cm plus 15 cm each side
Minimum Room Length 200cm for the F100 and another 50cm for standing away from the squat rack or to use an adjustable bench
Product Weight 445 kgs
Bolt Holes No
Weight Stacks Dual 100 kgs /220lb Weight stack. 2:1 Cable ratio. Longer cables, Finer increments. 10kgs on the weight stack = 5kgs effective weight. See G12 for 1:1 Cable ratio
Frame Extremely heavy gauge structured rolled steel tubing
Protective Coating Eco-friendly premium commercial grade powder coat followed by a durable clear coating with anti-rust protection
Warranty Home: Lifetime Structural Warranty, 2 Years on Moving Parts, 90 Days on Upholstery, 6 Months Accessories, Cables 2 Years (Extendable), Labour 1 Year (Extendable). Light Commercial: 10 Year Structural Warranty, 1 Years on Moving Parts, 90 Days on Upholstery, Cables 1 Year. No labour, parts only.
Resistance Free Weight Smith Machine and Power Rack and twin 100kgs Weight Stack
Expansion Ready No need, Everything Included
Power Rack Yes, includes Front Safeties and J Hooks
Smith Machine Yes, capacity of 300 kgs, Not counter balanced. For counter balancing please see the Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer.
Functional Trainer Yes, Pulley ratio 2:1 with 19 positions, pop pin adjustment. 2000lb Aircraft aluminium cable.
Chin Bar Ergonomically designed multi-Grip chin up / Pull Up station with a massive 300kg weight rating.
Chest Press Yes, with Functional Trainer, Smith Machine / Power Rack and Optional Bench
Rowing Yes, Low Row Footplate Base Pulley with Functional Trainer and Base Pulley
Leg Curls Optional with Force USA MyRack FID Bench
Leg Extensions Optional with Force USA MyRack FID Bench
Lat Pulldown Yes, with Functional Trainer and Includes Lat Pulldown Bar and Knee Holder
Core Trainer Yes, Included as well as Custom Olympic Bar
Leg Press No, Not Available on this Unit
Band Pegs No
Dip Attachment Yes, Now Includes a Multi Grip Dip Bar
Stability Bar No, not available on this model
J-Hooks Yes, 400 kg capacity
Safety Arms Yes, Light Commercial Grade, Capacity of 400 kgs
Olympic Weight Plate Set No, Optional, See Functional Trainer Machine Packages, Barbells
Installation Optional, please see website pricing. Installation subject to reasonable access (one flight of stairs up or down)
Additional Accessories Included Front safeties, J hooks, Tricep rope, Lat pull down handle, Nylon “D” handles, Core trainer, Custom Olympic barbell, Dip handles, Bicep Tricep pushdown bar, Chain set, Foam knee support, Low row footplate.

What is the difference between chin up and pull ups on the Monster and All-In-One G Series?

Pull ups are generally performed without pronated or overhand grip where your palms are facing forward and away from you.

Chin-ups utilise a supinated or underhand grip where your palms are facing you.

Neutral grip pull ups are performed with a hammer grip we're both Palms face each other.

Wide grip pull ups where emphasis is placed more on the less and less on the biceps and forearms.

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