Starting a Strength Training Resistance Gym Routine

April 13, 2021

Starting a Strength Training Resistance Gym Routine

Going to a gym is great and being able to work with a trainer is optimal, but not everyone can afford the gym, has one nearby and has the time to spend there. If this is the reason why you don’t exercise, have you considered working out at your own home? You don’t need a lot of expensive machinery or a big work-out space. Consider Resistance/Strength training. 

This mode of exercising was long considered to be only used by muscle men who wanted to have huge bulking muscles. This is absolutely not the case. Resistance/Strength training, where you use your body by placing an ever-increasing load on your muscles, letting your body work for you, has been found to be extremely beneficial to anyone. You can hone your muscles, improve your health and heart function, all in the comfort of your home and with minimal equipment. 

In the past, people lead a much more active life. There were many chores to be done around the home, cleaning, cooking, painting, gardening and people did not have all the labour-saving devices which are available today. We spend much more time sitting at a desk, in front of a computer, watching TV or checking out our phones. Our bodies don’t move enough and that can cause many health problems.

You don’t need a great deal of space to start your resistance/strength training routine. If you have a spare room or some place in your garage, or even a patio can be used. Consider investing in some minimal equipment like a set of various weights and sizes of dumbbells, maybe a kettlebell or some resistance bands, or even a barbell and of course the weight of your body. A single kettlebell is enough for a number of exercises and resistance bands of various strengths and sizes will allow you to target a number of muscle groups. Find a storage place for them where they are quickly and easily accessible and off you go.

If you have worked with a trainer, you could ask him/her to give you some tips on the exercises you could use, or you can do some research on the internet. There is a great deal of information available and there are videos which will demonstrate the safe and correct way to perform the exercises. Make sure that you know how to do them correctly, that is important and that your breathing is also correct. You can work out a few routines which can be done on different days so that you do not target the same muscle groups every day. Alternate the days with a day where you jog or swim.

You can do lunges, squats, stair-climbs, bicep curls, push-ups, burpees, the possibilities are endless. You don’t need to do a long list of exercises, a set of three or four exercises with 8 to 10 reps x 3 is a great way to start. Some well-thought out and researched routines, gradually increasing your muscle load, and you can lose weight and get that sleek, well-defined body which you have always wanted. You will sleep better, feel healthy and fit and have more energy. All it needs is some motivation and the desire to be the new, healthy, vibrant you.

This time of enforced lockdown is the perfect time to start a routine which you can do at home. Instead of going back to work, having gained weight from sitting around at home, you will be toned, fit and ready to tackle anything. 

Have some fun, start something new, be kind to your body, improve your health which will also improve your mental health and allow you to sleep better. 

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