Starting A Home Gym In The UK? What Home Gym Equipment To Buy.

February 21, 2020

Do You Intend To Set Up A Home Gym?

Are you looking at setting up your own home gym? Trying to take the workout home? Here are some expert suggestions.

Going to the gym can become a chore. You have to find the optimum, suitable time in the day, and when you get there, you find that it is the best time for many other people, and you have to wait to be able to use the machines and equipment.

You don’t really enjoy using the locker room at the gym, and you eventually make the decision to set up a home gym. You have decided on the pros and cons and you know that this is for you, and that you have the dedication, and interest, to motivate yourself, and to actually use the equipment.

You have a budget, and with the wealth of equipment available to the public, it becomes challenging to know what to choose. Many people have been seduced by the power of advertising, and purchased equipment which eventually stands or lies around, collecting dust, and taking up space. 

Here is some expert advice on what equipment is optimal to start with, and what can be added at a later stage.

Your aim is to be and stay fit, and the best way to do this is to get basic equipment, which can perform a number of functions. Flashy machines are not necessarily going to do this for you.

Basic Essential Equipment:

Power Rack or Power Rack Functional Trainer Combination 

Without a rack, heavier shoulder, leg and chest workouts are nearly impossible. A power rack or squat rack can be a big piece of equipment, but it is also advisable because of the safety factor, as you will most probably be working-out alone. 

It is great to invest in a rack which is also able to take pull-up bars and various attachments. Force USA offer Power Racks as well as a series of Monster Hybrid Racks which include Functional Trainer, Smith Machine, Power Rack and Chin Stations. Take a look at the Force USA Monster G1, Force USA Monster G3, Force USA Monster G6, Force USA Monster G9 or Force USA Monster G12


Good quality, and proper gym flooring, is essential to protect you and your equipment. There is good quality, long-lasting, commercial, interlocking (foam squares) flooring available. Have a look at some Versafit Flooring


If your space is limited, a pair of 12-16kg set of Kettlebells is the perfect piece of equipment. They will allow you incorporate squats and swings into your exercise routine, and aid you with numerous cardio and strength training exercises. They are more versatile than a rack of dumbbells, and allow for a wider variety of exercises.

Barbell and Plate Set

If your gym room is large enough, you can include a barbell and plate set. You need a true, 2m wide Olympic bar, which will supply your needs, and which you will not outgrow. If you can get professional bumper plates, it will be an asset as these will protect your floor. 

You can perform a large number of exercises with this piece of equipment, and get a total body workout.

Gym Bench or Weights Bench

To be able to use your barbell set to its fullest capacity, it is advisable to acquire a good adjustable gym bench, which has incline and decline functionality, and it is advisable to purchase a good quality one, as they take a lot of hard use.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat does not take up a great deal of space and is advisable where there is limited space available. This is invaluable when doing floor exercises as it helps to cushion the body and prevents injuries. Of course, using it for yoga is also extremely beneficial!

Battle Ropes

These are a newer type of gym equipment, and are optimal in improving your stamina and lung capacity. They are fun and are also great for toning the muscles of your upper body.

Pull-up Bar

Where you have a limited budget and space, a pull-up bar is a great addition to your gym. It can be hung in a door frame, to enable you to do your crunches and pull-ups.

When you are ready, if your budget allows, and you have the space available, here are some additional pieces of equipment you would find helpful:

Spin bike

For a great cardio workout, and when you don’t have the opportunity to go walking, a spin bike is a good piece of equipment to have.


If you have the space, a rack of dumbbells is a great addition to your gym. They can also be useful in introducing your children to becomr interested in working out. It is also possible to buy adjustable dumbbells. These are somewhat more expensive, but can be adjusted to a weight of approx. 25 kg.

Punch Bag

This does require enough space so that it can be fully utilized. It is fun to use for stress-releasing, high intensity workouts.

Suspension Trainer

A Jungle Gym XT or a TRX is great for core exercises and for working through functional ranges of movement. 

You do need a rack to which you can fit this equipment. It gives you a better and more intense work-out than your free weights. 


Mirrors can be a great addition to your gym, if you find a mirror motivational while performing your workout. Not everyone likes to watch themselves while working out, so only get them if you are truly going to use them for optimal benefit.


There are some brilliant programmes available in which you can invest. It is important to have a plan and a programme, otherwise you will get stuck on a particular set of exercises and not reap the full benefit of your home gym and achieve the desired result in your body fitness. 

Some of the popular ones are HST or German Volume Training, which will deliver great muscle mass gains, without having to resort to using heavy weights.

Another one is 6x6, which involves 6 sets of 6 reps. The main focus of this is density, and therefore uses relatively light weights. It is a great programme for muscle gain, or recomposition, and also for fat loss.

It is advisable to tweak your nutrition to obtain maximum benefits from these programmes.

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