Benefits of Starting a Weight Training Routine

April 20, 2021


Weight lifting, or training with weights has always provoked an image of huge, bulking body-builders. Of course, this has its place, but using weights can also assure you of a sleep, smooth-muscled body with great definition. Research has shown that it is advisable for all adults wanting to have a healthy and strong body, to perform some sort of work-out with weights on two or three days per week.

If body-building conjures up an adverse image, consider resistance or strength training. This would be a series of variable routines where increasing loads are placed on the muscles which will gradually strengthen and hone them to health and sleekness. There is a big benefit in this type of exercise routine and that is that it can be done from home. Working out with weights, some dumbbells, maybe a barbell, some resistance bands and a kettlebell, does not require a great deal of space. An open area in your garage, a spare room, a covered, sheltered patio or verandah or even a garden shed can be used for your exercise routine. 

If you have been part of a gym experience and maybe worked with a personal trainer, you should be able to set up an exercise routine. If not, there is loads of information available on the internet and you can research and decide on a few routines which can be as short at three or four different types of exercise sets. It is a good idea to have a few different routines for variation and to target different muscle groups on different days. It is also a good idea to vary a weight routine with cardio and aerobic exercises such running, walking, jogging, swimming, cycling. It is important that you enjoy the routine you have decided upon. 

While strength training will hone and sculpt your body, it will also improve your health. We spend too much time sitting down, either in front of a computer or TV and it is important to keep the body moving. You will find that your concentration improves as your body becomes more fit and supple. Your posture will improve and as these changes take place, your confidence in your abilities will improve. When we look good, we also feel good. 

Setting up for strength/resistance training does not involve a high cost for equipment. Many exercises can be done without any equipment at all such as squats, lunges, stair climbs, etc. You can acquire some basis equipment such as resistance bands which are available in various strengths and sizes. A set of dumbbells in various sizes and weights is easily obtainable and does not use up much storage space. A barbell with weights also does not take up much room and one kettlebell is adequate. The storage space for any equipment must be easily accessible. When things are tucked away in hard-to-reach areas, it becomes a problem to establish a routine as the mere fact of hauling out equipment and tucking it away again becomes a hassle.

Working out with weights in optimal routines, will also target your small muscle groups which will make your body more limber and movement becomes easier and as your body becomes more supple. 

It is important that we take time out of our busy schedules to look after our bodies and our health. A healthy body definitely creates a healthy mind. As your body becomes more agile, your balance improves, as do your mental processes and this has been found to help with people who experience bouts of depression. It may at first seem difficult to get up out of that comfy chair, but one you start seeing the benefits of your changing body and feeling the exhilaration of your muscles moving in a smoother, more controlled manner, your self-confidence rises. You know you are looking great, you have lost weight, yes, strength training will help you lose weight, and the knowledge that you are optimizing your health and well-being is priceless.

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